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5 Great Photoshop Podcasts to Listen to


If you thought that the headline of this post was some kind of sarcasm, you were wrong.

It’s serious.

Photoshop podcasts do exist, and some of them are absolutely amazing.

Why Would You Listen to Photoshop Podcasts?

The goal of these podcasts is to provide great information about using Photoshop. They are awesome for beginners, but they also work for experienced practitioners.

In a way, they work like online courses on Photoshop.

“But online courses are provided as videos, and include practice.” That’s what you’re thinking, right? Once you get used to the podcast format, you’ll love that there’s no video involved. And you’ll still get inspired to practice.

These podcasts are great to listen while you’re practicing Photoshop. The host gives you instructions and you implement them on the go. A video would be distracting in that process, and it would lead to copying the host instead of exploring your creativity.

Plus, online courses require mandatory assignments that are not always fun to do. Most learners get help from Essay Universe and other homework services, so they get the certificates anyway. The podcast doesn’t grant you a certificate. However, it helps you gain a lot of skill, so you won’t need to get AssignmentGeek essay help when you decide to get certified.

The best thing about podcasts is that they don’t burden you. You don’t have to schedule a class or commit yourself fully to it. You can listen to them whenever you want, wherever you are.

Personally, I love quiet evenings in the backyard, with my dog by my feet, the headphones on and the MacBook in front of me. I listen to the tips and I try everything they suggest.

Top 5 Photoshop Podcasts

1. Talking ‘Shop with Dave Cross

This is a new podcast, with the first episode published in April 2019. That’s why it’s so cool. The host is still very enthusiastic and may release two episodes in a day. There’s always something fresh to listen to.

In addition to giving tips on productivity and work in Photoshop, Dave also interviews members of the Photoshop team and experts we all admire. There’s a lot to learn here, even for advanced users.

2. Photoshop Creative Podcasts

This used to be a highly popular podcast a decade ago, but we haven’t seen any new episodes since 2011. Then why should you listen to it? You’ll access plenty of interviews with talented designers, who share insights from their job and life.

It’s great to compare their tips with the current state of Photoshop, so you’ll realize how much the tool progressed.

3. PetaPixel Photography Podcast

Mike James, the host of this podcast, is a retired award-winning photographer. The PetaPixel was one of the first photography podcasts on Spotify. It’s been going strong for years, and we still get regular bi-weekly updates.

You’ll get tips on how to choose a camera, how to take beautiful photos, how to use Photoshop tools and random talks that inspire you to take and edit cool pictures.

4. Photography 101

Scott Wittenburg, a photography instructor, hosts this podcast that teaches beginners all about the theory and practice of photography. He gives great tips on how to choose the right camera, how to improve composition, and how to set proper lighting. However, he also gives tips on how to use Photoshop.

If you’re a beginner in photography, you’ll love this podcast.

5. A Photographic Life

There’s something behind the process of taking photographs and editing them with Photoshop. It’s called life. A photographer’s engagement is behind camera choices and editing techniques. Photography is a way of life, and that’s exactly the topic that this podcast tackles.

If you don’t like plain tips and tricks via podcasts, you’ll love this one. Each episode is like a documentary in an audio format. You’ll listen to different photographers speaking, and you’ll admire the wisdom behind the work you see.

It’s Time for a Podcast!

Photoshop podcasts are great for inspiring new practices. As you listen, you can take notes or directly work in the software.

Podcasts are also a good choice when you want to relax, but still, need some Photoshop in your life. In that case, you can listen to interviews and inspirational talks from designers and photographers.

The above-listed podcasts cover all those needs!

Cathy Baylis is a freelance content writer specializing in career growth, leadership, and education. She loves sharing her interests with readers, and she has something to say, for sure.

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