About the person behind TrickyPhotoshop

fzg46h3lq96atb60v52udw - AboutHello, I am Vaibhav. I am a serial entrepreneur with 7 startups in the last 5 years.

I founded TrickyPhotoshop because of my passion for photography and Photoshop. Since 2009 I have been very much passionate about photography. It’s the only way to tell your silent expressions that you cannot describe. I read a quotation on photography that totally blew my mind and made me start TrickyPhotoshop.

After 20 years from now, the photograph will not change even the person in it may change

About TrickyPhotoshop

TrickyPhotoshop is dedicated to Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom tutorials and was founded on 4th July 2012. Within the span of three years, TrickyPhotoshop has managed to get more than 1oo,000 page views per month. TrickyPhotoshop also managed to build a community of 36,000+ people on Facebook and 2000+ followers on Twitter. I

I am also available for small Photoshop project, to know more, go to tricky-photoshop.com/hire-me.

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