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Some of our works...

We can correct the shape, reduce the wrinkles, and change the backgorund
We can add or replace the logo
We can improve the lighting and add shadow
We can make a model wear your jewelry
We can change the color
We edit jewelries also
We can fix the decoloration
We can correct the shape, fix the color, and remove blemishes

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, we do. Otherwise, how can we prove that you’ll get the best quality from us?

Making things easier for you is one of our top priorities.

  • Step 1: Contact us by submitting the form below or mail us at hello@tricky-photoshop.com. Tell us how would you like your edited photos to look. Don’t know how should they look? Our experts will guide you for free.
  • Step 2: There’s no step 2. We’ll be talking to you and guiding you over the emails.

Yes, you do. You can do whatever you want with the edited photos.

That’s even better. Here we can guide you how should you take the photos. You can contact us by submitting the form below or mail us at hello@tricky-photoshop.com

Queries? Reach out to us by clicking here or mailing us at hello@tricky-photoshop.com.

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I would highly recommend Vai he edited my photos exactly per my request. His work was very professional, and his service was prompt.

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We were editing the photo in-house. We thought that we were doing a great until TrickyPhotoshop showed us that we could increase our sales just by doing seven things they recommended. We hired them and we saw that our sales grew by 17%.​ I recommend TrickyPhotoshop to everyone I meet.
Courtney Thompson​
Founder at We're 18​
My team knows the basic photo editing like removing the background. The problem was that what extra could we do after the removal to give life to the photos. I googled and found TrickyPhotoshop. They knew exactly what needs to be added to give life to the photos. I love TrickyPhotoshop 3000.​
Andrea David
Creative Director at Luxe Dress​

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