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Create RSS icon using Photoshop CS6 | Tricky Photoshop

Hello guys I am Vaibhav and in this tutorial I am going to show you how to create RSS icon for your website. Last time I discussed about Creating Web Buttons in Photoshop which is really an important tutorial for web and graphic designers. For this tutorial what I going to do is create a square shape icon and then I will add some layer styles to achieve desired effect. Well for the website owners who gets lots of website traffic always wants to keep their visitors happy. One of the best way to keep the loyal visitor happy is to create RSS feed to keep your subscribers up to date.

My Final Image





Now lets get started.

Press ctrl+N/cmd+N to create a new document. I am going to rename it as RSS Icon. As RSS icon is a small icon so I am going to use a document with the small dimension. So I am selecting 500 as my width as well as the height. As you can see in the final photo that my RSS icon does not include lots of colors so 72 pixels/inch will be more than enough. Leave the other field unchanged. But you can use the different dimensions according to your requirement.


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