Hello guys, it has been a long time since I have uploaded any tutorial. Anyways, I am sorry for that. Currently I am being busy in some other projects.

So summer is here and about to be gone. It really gave us little bit pain, and I don’t know about you guys, but I am desperately waiting for winter. So I decided to create a tutorial on adding artificial snow using Photoshop. This tutorial is going to be an easy one and may not take more than more than 15 minutes if you are aware of filters in Photoshop.

Let’s look at the “after” and “before” version of the image. This is exactly looking like a winter season, isn’t it?


072114_1625_AddSnowusin1 - Add Snow using Photoshop


072114_1625_AddSnowusin2 - Add Snow using Photoshop


The first thing that we need to do is to create a new layer. You can either do it by going to Layer>New>Layer or you can do it by pressing Ctrl+Shift+N/Cmd+Shift+N. Rename the layer to Snowfall or whatever suits you.

072114_1625_AddSnowusin3 - Add Snow using Photoshop


Now we are going to fill Snowfall with Black color. Go to Edit>Fill. Then fill it with Black color.

072114_1625_AddSnowusin4 - Add Snow using Photoshop

After that, change the Blend Mode of Snowfall to Screen.

072114_1625_AddSnowusin5 - Add Snow using Photoshop

Your image should look like this.

072114_1625_AddSnowusin6 - Add Snow using Photoshop

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