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How to Add Watermark Pattern in Photoshop

Adding watermark to images is probably we all do to before uploading them to internet. It keeps your images from being used inauthentically.

In this tutorial, we will discuss one of the easiest method to add watermark to your images which takes some time during the initial setup but after that it will be done in seconds.


070414_1249_HowtoAddWat11.jpgSTEP 1

The first thing we need to do is to create a new document. Go to File>New or press Ctrl+N/Cmd+N to create a new document. I have also written a tutorial on Creating a New Document where I have explained each and everything very nicely.

Change all the settings as shown below.



Grab the Horizontal Type Tool from the tool panel or press Shift+T again and again until it comes.

Now type the text you want to be printed as copyright. After typing, press Ctrl+Enter/Cmd+Return to exit the Horizontal Type Tool.


Now we need to trim all those unwanted transparent pixels. Go to Image>Trim.

Change the settings as shown below. Press OK.

It should trim out all the unwanted transparent pixels and your image should look like the one shown below.


Now we need to make this text a pattern. Go to Edit>Define Pattern, give a name to your pattern and press OK.


Now open the image which you want to be watermarked.

Create a New Layer by pressing Ctrl+Shift+N/Cmd+Shift+N or by going to Layer>New>Layer.

Go to Edit>Fill. Make sure that the Use is Pattern. Change the pattern to the newly created one. Also, make sure that the Script which is the last option is Brick Fill. Press OK.

Now a new window would open because we chose Brick Fill as the Script. Change the settings as shown below. Press OK.

Your image should look like the one shown below.

The copyright text is pretty much small and it is not visible clearly. You can use Free Transform Tool (Ctrl+T/Cmt+T) to enlarge the text.

Change the Blend Mode of the newly created layer to Soft Light.


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