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Top 15 Christmas Card Photoshoot Ideas for Families

Christmas is a magical time – filled with sparkling decorations, Christmas trees, and lights that add even more magic. This is an exceptional moment and is worth saving for years to come. Do you wonder how to do it? Through…the photos that smell like bread and fir! We invite you to read this article on where and how to prepare and carry out a Christmas family photo session!

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How to prepare the family for the Christmas Card photoshoot?

First of all, you have to think about clothes and photo gadgets. If the session takes place in a professional photographic studio, you can ask the photographer if they sometimes do not have them. However, remember that to achieve a different image character, usually, only a small Christmas element is needed, such as a Santa hat or reindeer antlers in the form of a hairband.

List of Christmas Card photoshoot ideas for families

Here’s a list of Christmas Card Photoshoot Ideas for families. I am going to give you 15 ideas and their sources. You can choose the best one.

After shooting your photos, you can come back to us to edit them. We can

  • enhance the photos
  • swap the faces
  • swap the closed eyes
  • remove unwanted people
  • add people
  • change backgrounds
  • slim down and so many

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1. A family of 5 sitting in front of the fireplace on which the Christmas socks are hung. A Christmas tree in the background.


Source –

2. A Family Christmas Photoshoot – Why Is It Worth Organizing?

A Christmas photoshoot is a good idea for several reasons. First of all, every type of photo, and especially those taken at Christmas, is a great memory. Second, this is the answer to the question of what to give family members as a gift (grandparents would surely love Christmas photos of grandchildren!). Finally, participating in a session, in addition to being fun, is a way to spend your free time creatively. Do you need more arguments?

3. A couple with a child sitting on a blanket in front of the Christmas tree with lamps. Next to them – another child is standing in the back and hanged socks.


Source –

4. A boy in overalls sitting next to a Christmas tree and near gifts, holding the Christmas light.

Source –

5. Two toddlers are tied with the Christmas lights and a boy smiling in the back with a Christmas tree in the right and the text “DEAR SANTA HELP” written on the blackboard.

English Baby Boys Names _ English Male Names and Meanings.jpg

Source –

Speaking of the clothes for the shoot, the decision is up to you alone – the most important thing is that the dress is comfortable! You can only bet on the Christmas colors, that is red, navy blue or green, but you can also think about special festive clothes, such as a Christmas sweater. It all depends on creativity and … your budget!

Before each photo shoot, the most important thing is to provide yourself with a smile and lots of positive energy.

6. A family of four and a dog is sitting, with little garland and light in the back.


Source –

7. A family of three people playing in front of a fireplace decorated with hanged socks and Christmas tree in the left.


Source –

8. Mom and son smiling, sitting on the blanket. Christmas tree in the background and gifts in the left.


Source –

9. A mom sitting on a furry mat with her daughter with a cup in her hand, seeing each other. Christmas tree in the background.


Source –

10. A boy kissing a girl on her head, sitting on the floor. A lightening Christmas tree in the background.

Alayna and Gavin, Christmas In-Home Session.jpg

Source –

11. A family of four with a dog and Christmas cap on; making a tree. Christmas tree in the background.

20 Terrifyingly Awkward Holiday Portraits.jpg

Source –

12. Four kids sitting in Christmas pajamas, a white wall in the background with a garland.


Source –

13. A family of four sitting with two lanterns on the left and a Christmas tree on a wall made with lights.

30+ Best Poses Family Christmas Pictures Ideas - TRENDS U NEED TO KNOW.jpg

Source –

14. Family of four decorating a Christmas tree. Gifts under the tree.

How We Trim the Tree.jpg

Source –

15. Family of four in Christmas pajamas are making fun, sitting on the bed with a dog and Christmas lights all around them.

Christmas Pajamas - Barefoot Blonde by Amber Fillerup Clark.jpg

Source –

16. A toddler over his daddy’s head, holding by his mom- sitting on the floor. Gift with a miniature of deer and Christmas tree in the background.

Source –

As you can see, there are tons of inspirations for the Christmas family photoshoot! Everything depends only on you! Take advantage of the magical Christmas time and let yourself be carried away by your imagination! We also invite you to share your photos of the family Christmas sessions on social networks by tagging us on Instagram or Facebook.

If you like our Christmas Card photoshoot ideas, share this article with your partner.

We wish you many inspirations and incredible photos full of Christmas atmosphere.

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