I know that you want to learn Photoshop to show off to your friends or earn some side income. You may also want to become a graphic designer or an artist. Or, perhaps, you want photography and want to take your photos to the next level. In all the cases, you need to learn Photoshop. But Photoshop is not as easy as opening Microsoft Word where you need to open the software and start typing. When I first had a look at Photoshop interface back in 2012, believe me, I had no idea where should I go to even open an image. I know that many of you are in the same place and have no idea where to go. This is why I writing this article to list the top 7 Adobe Photoshop courses online.

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I tried to gather all the courses that are free but almost all of them are not worthy of your time. This is why I needed to include paid courses. I have used an algorithm to rank the courses which is based on below factors:

1: Free or Paid
2: Rating
3: Viewership
4: Quality

All of the above factors have been given some weight and the result is the weighted average of all the factors. The one with the highest average goes to the top on the list of top Adobe Photoshop courses online.

cover - Top 7 Adobe Photoshop Courses Online

So, let’s start with the last one.

7: Photoshop CC One-on-One

Price: Paid

This is the one of the most elaborative online course on Photoshop CC that explains all the aspects of Photoshop (at least most of them). The downside is that it’s too elaborative. The course is of around 16 hours and I know that you can get to know Photoshop in a 5-6 hours course.

If you’re a subscriber of Lynda then this course if free for you. Otherwise, you need to subscribe to Lynda at the cost of $25/- month. Try to complete the course in one month and cancel the subscription. So, basically, the tutorial comes at a price of $25.

6: Mastering Adobe Photoshop CC

Price: Paid

The positive side is that the tutorial is updated with Photoshop CC 2017 (the latest version when I am writing this article). The downside is that the tutorial is not that much interactive. The second downside is that this course comes at a standalone price. Unlike Lynda, there’s no subscription model where you subscribe and get to watch all the courses for no extra cost.

You must be also know that I don’t like long courses much. The same goes with this one. It’s 13.5 hours long. 😢

5: Photoshop CC 2015: Essential Training

Price: Paid

The course would have been in the top position in the list of top 7 Adobe Photoshop courses online but lacked at its recency. The course was made back in 2015 although almost all of the concepts still hold true. For all the readers who are very new to Photoshop, I must tell you that Adobe launches a new version of Photoshop each year but each new version has subtle changes and an addition of 3-4 new features. So, even if you use Photoshop 2017, you can use the concepts of Photoshop 2015.

The best thing about this course is that it’s made by one of the world’s most renowned Photoshop expert – Julienne Kost (no wonder this is one of the most watched Photoshop course on Lynda) 😮

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