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Top 10 Popular Items to Decorate your 2020 Christmas 

At Christmas, there is a magical and different atmosphere. But something that continues to excite us a bit is the time to place the Christmas decorations when these special dates are approaching.

.And it is that a well-decorated house is part of the Christmas charm. Therefore, we have gathered the best Christmas decorations for your home: lights, ornaments, trees, and much more to dress your home for the occasion.

.Christmas Decoration

Christmas decorations are various types of ornaments that are used on these dates to give the house or room a more festive atmosphere.

.For this, different objects with typical colors are usually used, such as white, green, or red. You can also place lights, Christmas trees, or other ornaments with typical shapes, such as Santa Claus, stars of Bethlehem, or snowflakes, among others.

Choosing Criteria

We went to Amazon’s Christmas section and then sort the items based on the popularity. After that, we made a list of the items which have

  1. 1,000+ reviews
  2. 4+ stars rating

The Best Christmas Decorations Of 2020

First of all, how about you take a look at the following models? These decorations have been selected as the best of the year. Do not miss it!

1. Curtain Lights

 These curtain lights can be a great decoration for your home, patio, or garden. The 96 pieces of lights, can be joined by a plug. These lights are the typical Christmas house ornament, they have various ways of lighting, a variety of colors, and small Christmas details, all to achieve the best atmosphere.


2. Christmas Balls

.Of all the decorations that exist to dress the Christmas tree, the balls are essential. Whether they are transparent, red, pink, silver, striped, or with another type of pattern, the balls are a must.


3. Christmas Window Stickers

.Christmas window stickers are a good way to give our home a festive and wintery touch. It is a simple and comfortable way to decorate windows, glass doors, or mirrors. They are easy to clean and do not leave a trace. Snowflake Window Stickers are well designed and contoured.



4. Christmas Stars

.The stars at Christmas charge a special chalice. Light up the windows, hang them over the dining room table or dress a corner with them but this Christmas accessory is a must-have in this year’s deco.



5. Candles

Decorate the whole house with candles: on the table, in the hall, on a lantern but also in the fireplace (especially during Christmas). Wherever they are, dim candlelight creates a magical, homey atmosphere.


.One of the main trends is candles, which are preferably scented since in addition to giving the environment a warm and welcoming touch, they provide the space with a pleasant fragrance. To make them look more Christmassy, they can be incorporated into arrangements of pinecones, berry twigs, or with red ribbons, or another color of your liking such as silver and gold that are also on-trend.

6. Socks

Socks are a characteristic decorative element of Christmas, so today we present you with some varied and fun proposals.


As you can see, they adapt to a wide variety of decoration styles, since they can be played with a wide variety of details, textures, and colors, which make them perfect to brighten up almost all spaces, and they are undoubtedly a decorative element. inevitable in childhood. They are one of the funniest ways to receive gifts by the Christmas tree.

7. Christmas Wreath

If you like the minimalist and Nordic style, you will love this Christmas wreath that reflects a small mountain village with wooden figures. Receive your guests with a Christmas wreath at the door of your home. There are countless designs and colors! You can make a minimalist Christmas wreath, with lights, geometric, or the idea that comes to mind. .


.The crowns are characteristic details of these dates, which will look great on the window, the wall, the fireplace, or on top of a mirror. It is about trying to create different and original crowns.

8. A Christmas Tree

It is the adornment par excellence. The representation of Christmas. It does not have to be natural or artificial since there are other options such as a wooden Christmas tree, ceramic, made with postcards.


9. Poinsettia Or Easter Flower

If something should never be missing at home, it is planted. And during the Christmas season, the poinsettia or poinsettia becomes the queen. So now you know, decorate a corner with poinsettias. And so that it lasts beyond the Christmas holidays, here you will find all the tips for its care.


10. The Garlands

The garlands of lights are essential in the Christmas decoration. Whether they are in the tree (almost obligatory), on the stairs, or even as a curtain on the wall, the lights should not be missing. That is why you cannot miss our guide to know where to find the best lights for this Christmas.


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