Slow performance of Photoshop is a common issue among the people who do not an have up-to-date computer. If Photoshop is not running smoothly, you could anytime buy a new computer. But why waste money when you could increase your Photoshop’s performance?

Last time I wrote a tutorial on What are Guiding Lines in Photoshop. Feel free to check out that tutorial also. The link will open in a new tab.

Here I am going to give 8 tips that will make your Photoshop runs faster or optimize Photoshop. Each tip will be briefly explained and has a screenshot attached to it for better understanding.

Memory Usage Matters

As tip’s title says, memory usage matters. In case you are wondering that what’s memory, just so you know, every modern computers has RAM inside them. Photoshop uses to store images temporarily and to perform other tasks. By increasing the amount of RAM that can be used by Photoshop, we can increase the performance of Photoshop. You can edit it by going to Edit>Preferences>Performance. By default, Photoshop comes with 70% usage but you can anytime increase it or decrease it.

1_thumb1 - How to Optimize Photoshop for better Performance

Better the Scratch Disk, Better the Performance

You can use any hard drive, whether internal or external, to assign to Photoshop to handle images. But make sure that you choose the fastest one. You can buy SSD to best performance. To change it, go to Edit>Preference>Scratch Disks.

Since I don’t use external hard drives for Photoshop, Photoshop is showing my internal hard drives.

2_thumb1 - How to Optimize Photoshop for better Performance

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