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How to Turn On Auto Recovery in Photoshop to save your Life

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Hi guys! Today I am going to cover a small but extremely important topic that is Auto Recovery in Photoshop. This feature is really a life savior if you have Photoshop CS5 or newer versions.

Last time I discussed many ways to Optimize your Photoshop’s Performance.

So let’s begin. I will try to keep it short as this is just a small tip.

So What is Auto Recovery in Photoshop?

In recent versions of Photoshop, Adobe has included a new feature that automatically saves your work without even letting you know. Although this feature does not save your History panel, but it saves your last done work. This feature works similar to Microsoft’s products like Word, PowerPoint, Excel etc. Perhaps you already are familiar with those feature.

How Does it Work?

The beauty of this feature is that it works automatically. You don’t need to interfere at all. By default, at every 10th minute, Photoshop automatically saves the image as a temporary file in your hard drive. If by any chance, Photoshop crashed or your machine turned off unexpectedly, the temporary file will stay safe in your hard drive.

When you launch Photoshop (the first time after it crashed) and wait for few seconds, 10-20 seconds, Photoshop will automatically open the recovered file. Photoshop will also rename it as “{filename}-Recovered”.

Can I turn it Off?

Well I don’t see any point in turning it off but you can turn it off. Obviously, this feature adds a little bit burden on your computer but if you have a computer with at least 2 GB RAM, this feature shouldn’t affect Photoshop’s performance.

To turn if off, go to Edit>Preference>File Handling. In there you would see a checkbox that is named as “Automatically Save Recovery Information”. Simply uncheck the checkbox.

Can I Increase or Decrease the Auto Save Time?

Of course you can. You can keep it as short as 5 minutes or as long as 1 hour. By default it comes with 10 minutes but I like to keep it 5 minutes so that every 5th minute, my work gets saved.

To change the time, go to Edit>Preference>File Handling and increase or decrease the time.

And that’s all for today. I hope that you like this tutorial.

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