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Hello guys I am Vaibhav and in this tutorial I am going to show you how to fix an underexposed photo. Last time I discussed about Creating Bubbles in Photoshop which is a recommended tutorial for graphic and web designers. For this tutorial basically what I am going to do is to fix the underexposed area using Brush and blending modes. After that I will add layer mask to hide the unwanted areas. I am going to use layer panel, blending modes, layer mask etc.

You can just use exposure tool but I totally recommend you not to use that tool because result may not be perfect.


My Final Image


The image I’ll be working with



Open your photo in Photoshop. Duplicate your layer by pressing ctrl+J/cmd+J. You can also do it by going to layer>duplicate layer. This will not affect your photo but when you see layer panel(press F7 to open) you will see a new layer with name as background copy(default).



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