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Darken Hair Part Line in Photoshop | TrickyPhotoshop

Hello guys I am Vaibhav and today I am going to talk about Darken Hair Part Line in Photoshop. Last time I talked about Changing Hair Color using Blending Modes in Photoshop which is really an important tutorial for studio and fashion photographer. In that article I talked about how can we take advantage of Blending Modes inside Photoshop to change the color of the hair. For today’s tutorial I am going to use Blending Modes to darken the part line and then I’ll decrease the opacity so that it will somewhat look natural. I am going to use Blending Modes, Layer, Brush Tool, Layer mask etc. It is really an easy tutorial and should not take more than 10 minutes.






Open your image in Photoshop. First thing that we need to do is to create a duplicate layer of  our background layer. To create a duplicate layer, go to Layer>Duplicate Layer or you can just press Ctrl+J/Cmd+J. To confirm whether duplication is done or not you need to open your layer panel. You can either go to Window>Layer or press F7 to open your layer panel. If duplication is done successfully, you should see a new layer with its name as Layer 1.


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