Last night I was palying with Photoshop, and trying to add eyelashes on Photoshop to a model. Stupidly what I was doing was copying eyelashes from one image and pasting in to another. No wonder that took more than an hour as achiveing perfect result was near to impossible. Then I googled out a little bit, and I found a one-stop solution that made me feel how much stupid I was. If I had known that thing, what I had done in 80 minutes could’ve been done in 5 minutes.


6 - Add Eyelashes on Photoshop

The trick I am talking about is “Brush”. Yes, a brush. What we can do is to either create a Photoshop brush out of it or downloda it from internet. I chose the later. Here’s the link to download eyelashes brush. You will find insane amount of eyelashes brushes on internet but for ordinary needs, this one may suits you.

Once downloaded, we need to install the brush. Fortunately I’ve already written an article on installing brush on Photoshop years ago. The article was written August 2013 but will still fulfill your needs.

So let’s start with the tutorial.

Step 1: Download the Brush

The first thing that you need to do is to choose the eyelashes brush. Grab Brush Tool from the tool panel or press Shift+B again and again until it comes. Right click anywhere on the photo and choose Eyelashes Brush (Yours name may be ss-eyelashes).

1 - Add Eyelashes on Photoshop

A popup message will ask you to choose among three options that are Append, Cancel, and OK. Choose OK.

Choose the type of eyelashes you’d like to have.

2 - Add Eyelashes on Photoshop

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30-days-to-learnphotoshop - Add Eyelashes on Photoshop

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