Hey guys, welcome to my another tutorial on Photoshop. You went to a party and your wife forgot to put on a eyeliner. After looking at the images, she realized that she had made a terrible mistake. Her eyes are looking completely¬†plain in the photos. Now she can’t upload those adorable photos on Instagram because of one small mistake. Fortunately we have something is Photoshop that can save her soul. So let’s begin our today’s tutorial on How to Add Eyeliner in Photoshop.

Before we begin, I’d like to show you how our final image will look like.

Final - Add Eyeliner in Photoshop

Now that you’ve seen the final image, let’s begin with the tutorial.

Step 1: Download Eyeliner

Download a PNG image of eyeliner.

eyeliner_001_o - Add Eyeliner in Photoshop

Download it

You need save the above image in order to proceed. Right click on the image and save it.

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