I hope that you’ve clearly understood what Lasso Tool is what is it capable of. But you may not know the downside of Lasso tool. Well, let me reveal it for you. Lasso tool doesn’t go good with selections that are curvaceous. For example, look at Fig. 1, if I want to select the baby, I “definitely” can use Lasso tool but it’ll take more time for a perfect selection than the time left for Earth to be eaten up by a black hole. So what’s the good alternative to Lasso Tool that gives the output same as that of Lasso Tool but takes much less time. And the answer is Quick Selection Tool in Photoshop.

1 - Day 10: What is Quick Selection Tool in Photoshop

Fig. 1

Quick Selection Tool and Magic Wand Tool (Day 12) work on same principle. They compare the contrast among the adjacent pixels. Sounds confusing? It won’t be by the end of this chapter.

How to Use Quick Selection Tool in Photoshop?

To activate Quick Selection tool, you can either grab it from the tool panel as shown in Fig. 2 or you can press Shift+W again and again until it comes.

2 - Day 10: What is Quick Selection Tool in Photoshop

Fig. 2

Now suppose I want to select the baby in Fig. 3, all I need to do is to drag my mouse from one end to the other. With reference to Fig. 3, I go to the left side of the photo and start dragging my mouse cursor slowly to the right side while keeping in my mind that the cursor doesn’t cross the baby’s body. It automatically detect edges and It must stay inside the body.

3 - Day 10: What is Quick Selection Tool in Photoshop

Fig. 3

If by mistake my mouse cursor crosses the baby’s body and moves to the white background, Quick Selection Tool will unnecessarily select the white background as well. So while doing selection with Quick Selection Tool, you must be very much careful with the movement of your cursor. Any mistake in that may cost you few extra minutes.

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