Hey, guys! Welcome to my 30 Days to Learn Photoshop series. Last time we discussed Healing Brush Tool which is a pretty awesome tool if compared to Spot Healing Brush Tool. But this time, we’re going to learn even a more awesome tool that is Patch Tool in Photoshop.

If you ask me the algorithm behind Patch tool, I have no idea. But, I do know that whatever it is, it works like a charm. To prove this, I am going to remove 3 moles from this beautiful lady’s face. I know that those moles are adding beauty to her, but for the sake of this tutorial, let’s remove them.

As usual, before we proceed, let me show you before and after images.


Initial-2 - Day 16: Patch Tool in Photoshop - How to Use it


Final-2 - Day 16: Patch Tool in Photoshop - How to Use it

Let’s begin the tutorial:

What is Patch Tool in Photoshop?

Patch tool in Photoshop is a tool that creates a pattern on the applied area either by using Photoshop’s Content-Aware technology.

Where is Patch Tool Located in Photoshop?

You can activate Patch tool in Photoshop either by grabbing it from the tool panel or press Shift+J again and again until it comes.

1-2 - Day 16: Patch Tool in Photoshop - How to Use it

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