There are times when we need to select things out in an image so that we can only edit the selected part. For those purpose, we have several dedicated tools in Photoshop, and one of them is the Lasso Tool in Photoshop.

Before we begin with lasso Tool, let’s understand selection in Photoshop. Selection is like a lock. When we select any part in image, only that part gets edited. Let’s understand this with the help of Fig. 1. In that image, the dome is selected as you can see marching ants surrounds the dome. So whatever I do now, be it increasing brightness, decreasing contrast or anything, it’ll only affect the dome.

1_thumb - Day 9: What is Lasso Tool in Photoshop

Fig. 1

Now there are numerous tools present in Photoshop for this kind of selection. One among them in Lasso Tool.

Photoshop provides three variants of Lasso Tool. Each one performs same function but being executed differently. These three are:

  1. Lasso Tool
  2. Polygonal Lasso Tool
  3. Magnetic Lasso Tool

Fig. 2 will show you where to find them. You can also press Shift+L again and again to activate selection.

2_thumb - Day 9: What is Lasso Tool in Photoshop

Fig. 2

Now I am going to explain you each of them one by one. They all are very much similar. Let’s start with the first one i.e. Lasso Tool.

Lasso Tool

This tool is like a freehand selection. You just draw on the screen and Photoshop will automatically select the area as soon as you leave the mouse button.

3_thumb - Day 9: What is Lasso Tool in Photoshop

Fig. 3

I am sorry for the not so accurate drawing or selection. I am not good at drawing.

Believe you, you’re never going to use this tool. The other two kinds of Lasso tool may be used by you in future. The reason is that we have other tools that perform same action but with better result in lesser time. There’s nothing there to explain in Lasso Tool.

Let’s move to the Polygonal Lasso Tool.

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