Everybody says that Photoshop is a tough thing to handle. It is incredibly hard to understand by a beginner and we need to put a lot of effort in order to understand even a portion of it.

The answer to the above question is “Yes”. Photoshop is really a tough thing if you have used it only few times. But the reality is that the Adobe Photoshop developers are really trying hard to make it more user-friendly so that even a beginner can use it within a short span of time.

Quick Selection Tool is an example of such efforts. This tool can sometime makes your selection incredibly easy and if nothing is against you, you can select the desired area within 5 seconds.

For the whole tutorial, I will be talking about what is Quick Selection Tool and How to Use it.

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Last time I discussed about Magic Wand Tool in my Get to Know Photoshop series.

Section 1: Quick Selection Tool Basics

Quick Selection Tool basically works on the principle of change in colors. Whenever we brush over something, it expands the selection and selects everything that lies within a n “allowed contrast bandwidth”. As soon as it detects a sharp change in color, it discards it’s expansion. It may sound confusion now but you will understand it as soon as you complete the reading.

To activate Quick Selection Tool, all you need to do is to grab it from the tool panel or press Shift+W again and again until it activates.

1_thumb1 - What is Quick Selection Tool in Photoshop

Now let’s take an example of the image shown below. Here I want to select the sky. As you can see that there is a huge difference between the sky and the foreground. So Quick Selection Tool (or Magic Wand Tool) works best here. They can also the select the white clouds here easily because of low contrast.

Color Range command also works here but it may give undesired output due to the clouds.

2_thumb2 - What is Quick Selection Tool in Photoshop

Now follow the below image and all you need to do is to start from the point A, end at the point B, and follow the line trajectory. Put your mouse cursor on the point A, hold down mouse left click and start follow the trajectory. You will notice that Quick Selection Tool is selecting everything that comes within the desired contrast bandwidth. Wherever Quick Selection Tool detects high contrast, it stops to expand the selection.

3_thumb2 - What is Quick Selection Tool in Photoshop

Here’s the selection done with Quick Selection Tool. In case you have noticed, Quick Selection Tool has also included a part of hut in the selection (encircled with yellow color). To remove it, all we need to do is to hold down the Alt/Opt key and brush on the unwanted area with the Quick Selection Tool.

4_thumb1 - What is Quick Selection Tool in Photoshop

If you are interested in learning the ways to use it tool more efficiently, please go to Quick Selection Tool: Advance page.

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