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Option Panel of Quick Selection Tool in Photoshop

5 - Day 10: What is Quick Selection Tool in Photoshop

Fig. 5

The option panel for Quick Selection Tool is quite clean. There aren’t much options available.

  1. This option lets you do three things with your selection. You have already seen it in action in Marquee Tool and Lasso Tool. It is subdivided into three sections.
    1. New Selection: This option lets you create a new selection every time your releases your mouse button. It’s like one shot. Whenever you’ve selected an area and you release the mouse button, and then you again hold down the mouse button, it’ll automatically deselects the older selections and lets you create a new one.
    2. Add to Selection: This option lets you store sessions. If you lift your mouse up and again holds down, your previous selection doesn’t vanish. Your new selection will be added to your old selection.
    3. Delete from Selection: It works same as above except that it deletes rather than adds.
  2. Size: It lets you choose the size of your brush.
  3. Sample All Layer: If your file has more than one layer, it’ll consider all layers (while turned on) while making selection.
  4. Auto-Enhance: If turned on, it’ll refine your selection.
  5. Refine Edge: The mighty beast. You have a whole chapter dedicated to this feature later.

With this, we’re done with today’s lesson.

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