Hey, guys! How are you?  Welcome to another Instagram tutorial. Last time I showed you how to create Instagram Crema filer in Photoshop. This time, let me show you how to create Instagram Ludwig filter in Photoshop.

Ludwig filter adds a bit of redness and yellowness in photo and boosts up contrast. We are going to do the same in Photoshop with the easiest way possible. This is a short tutorial and should not take more than 10 minutes to complete.

But before we begin, let me show you the final image:


Final - Create Instagram Ludwig Filter in Photoshop

Step 1: Tweak Brightness and Contrast

Let’s increase brightness and contrast of the image.

Go to Layer>New Adjustment Layer>Brightness/Contrast.

Increase the Brightness to 23 and Contrast to 100.

1 - Create Instagram Ludwig Filter in Photoshop

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