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[Action Included] Create Instagram Perpetua Filter in Photoshop

This tutorial is going to be a short one. I used only three adjustment layers to create Instagram Perpetua filter in Photoshop.

Last time I wrote on creating Instagram Aden filter in Photoshop. You may want to check that out also. And, here are all the tutorials on Instagram filters that I have written till now.

Perpetua filter reduces the Red color and increases the Cyan color in the photo. It also increases the highlights and shadows which ultimately decreases the contrast. We’re going to do the same thing with Photoshop.

If you want to download the action in Photoshop, you can do it with the below link.

Download the action – click here to download the action. It will scroll you down to the bottom of the page.



Photo by Đàm Tướng Quân from Pexels



So, let’s begin with today’s tutorial.

Step 1 – Reduce the Redness

We’re going to reduce the redness with the Color Balance Adjustment Layer

Go to Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Color Balance.

Change the Tone to Midtones. Drag the first slider towards the left to -46.


Change the Tone to Highlights. Drag the first slider to -23.


Step 2 – Reduce the Darkness

Time to reduce the darkness. We’re going to use Levels for this.

Go to Layers > New Adjustment Layers > Levels. Drag the bottommost slider from the left towards the right till the number 23.


Step 3 – Brighten the Shadows

Now, we’re going to brighten the shadows with the Curves adjustment layer.

Go to Layers > New Adjustment Layers > Curves. Make the curve look like the below screenshot.


And, we’re done with this tutorial.

Here’s The Photoshop Action For Instagram Perpetua Filter

If you’re interested in the Photoshop action for the Instagram Aden filter, download it from the below link.

Download Instagram Perpetua Filter Action for Photoshop

Here you go again with the final photo.



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