Hello guys and welcome to my new tutorial from the series Get to Know: Photoshop.

Last time I discussed about Healing Brush in Photoshop which is life-saver tool especially when you want heal your image or you want to remove any unwanted mark in your image like car’s dent, acne, blemish, dust etc.

Move tool is surely one of the most used tool in Photoshop as we all need to move objects in our image. Few of us also like to use Free Transform Tool, the sibling of Move Tool, to move the objects. But in my opinion, Move Tool is more advanced than Free Transform tool because of its feature “Auto Select”. I am going to discuss this feature in Section 2.

As usual, this tutorial will be divided in two sections.

  • Section 1: Basics of Move Tool
  • Section 2: Advance Techniques of Move Tool

Section 1: Basic Techniques

Using a Move Tool is one of the easiest things you can do in Photoshop. It’s as easy as opening an image in Photoshop.

To activate move tool, all you need to do is to grab it from the tool panel or press V.

The very first thing that you need to know about the Move Tool that it only works when there is something to move inside the image. If your image has one layer and it is locked, Move Tool cannot do anything to move the image. You need at least two layers to use Move Tool. You can also use Move Tool with single layer provided the single layer is unlocked.

In the below image, you can easily figure out that it has two image layers and three adjustment layer.

041414_1020_HowtoUseMov1 - How to Use Move Tool in Photoshop

In this image, suppose I want to change the girl’s position, all I need to do it activate the Move Tool and drag the girl where ever I want.

041414_1020_HowtoUseMov2 - How to Use Move Tool in Photoshop

Please ignore that I had to select all the three adjustment layers. The only reason is that I masked some part of the adjustment layers. So if I have to move the masking along with the girl to keep the image perfect.

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