Photography is something that most of us likes. In fact, despite being an amateur photographer, most of us purchase costly DSLR to improve our skills and experience. What if I tell that you can earn a lot of money from that side hobby.

For the whole article, I am going to show you the Best 7 ways make money online using photography.

Let’s start with the last

7: Write a Book

If you are really passionate about photography and you think you know a lot and want it share with the world, probably writing a book would be the best thing for you.

Writing a book is not that much difficult as it seems to be. You just need a software to type (Microsoft Word or Pages would be the best one) and start writing. Once you are done withCover - Best 7 Ways to Make Money Online Using Photography | TrickyPhotoshop writing all the tips and tricks that you have learned as a photographer, your job is done.

Now all you need to do is to sign up with Amazon Kindle and publish your eBook with no hidden cost. Signing up takes no more than 5 minutes and getting approval takes up to 24 hours. So 24 hours after writing, your book is ready to sell.

In case you want to sell a print version, all you need to do is to sign up with and upload your eBook there. That book will automatically be listed on Amazon.

My Judgment: You don’t need to write a 300 pages book which looks like a professional one. Nowadays, most people prefer short book with around 100 pages which is filled with lot of information.

6: Stock Photography

Most of the photographers are already doing this. There are many sites available where you can upload your images and sell them. The price per image can be as low as few cents but once you have a huge stock uploaded there with good quality of images, you may earn more than $300 per day from those websites.

Some of those websites are

My Judgment: If you don’t have a portfolio of large number of high quality images, the earning per day may be quite low.

5: Sell the Prints

With the advancement in technologies, things have become much simpler nowadays. With the help of online services, you can just upload the images and suppose if someone buy those image, those services will take care of the shipping, printing etc.

Some of these websites are:

For example, suppose you upload an image on After few days, a buyer purchases your image while browsing your portfolio. Now smugmug will take care of the printing as well as shipping. All you need to take care is of the commission that you will earn per image.

My Judgment: If you are not a skillful photographer then there is always a chance of low sales. People prefer to buy prints of well known photographers than amateur photographers.

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