Top 10 Covid Christmas Cards Designs

Whenever the end of the year approaches, the question arises: How do you manage to make Christmas greetings business and at the same time personal, warm, perhaps also contemplative or funny?

It’s all about the right tone. To make things a little easier for you, we have put together free text templates just in case.

There is no way around Christmas greetings in business life.

For many just a chore, these good wishes, and thanks at the end of the year fulfill an important function: They express appreciation and can also be used to thank customers and partners for their loyal or successful cooperation.

It might be a small gesture, but it’s especially important in difficult times.

Therefore, you should not let the chance slip by and send individual Christmas greetings, especially in this Corona year.

It all depends on the right tone: professional with a personal touch.

Because be careful, with some carelessly put together text or the economical card that bears the invisible stamp “mass mailing”, you tend to achieve the opposite.

The recipient gets the feeling that the sender doesn’t consider them important enough to bother. And hand on heart: Sometimes that is the case.

But you should never notice that on a Christmas card.

Here is our list of Christmas cards inspired by pandemic:

1. Snowcial Distancing Christmas Postcard

If you are a fan of the rustic and natural style, this is your postcard.

Use color pencils to create the two snowmen at distance and put a face mask and face shield over the face.

2. The Most Loving Christmas Card

Totally in love! And unique in the world. Put a rectangular cut-out as a mask of the color you want with a ribbon on both sides and bring your artistry to create two eyes.

Complete the drawing with a marker.

3. A Present For You

Do not save the thread or the needle yet because you will need it for this Christmas postcard with simple and exquisite lines (or rather points).

4. From The Pandemic To Your Christmas Postcard

During the Christmas season, you are flooded with impressions.

So bring some calm into the chaos – and if only with a Christmas card in a minimalist design.

The straightforward style ensures clarity and is usually characterized by the use of only a few colors.

That sounds good? Then take a look at our current Minimalistic card with coronavirus.

5. A Christmas Postcard With Photo

The perfect picture may not exist, but you can congratulate lovers of this sweet memory for the holidays by creating a Christmas card with photos of different sizes with a message.

6. Christmas Card In Red And White

Are you a fan of Christmas decorations and have 5 free minutes? Because you won’t need more time.

Get yourself some red and white vintage style Santa Claus and you will get a very attractive postcard that you can use to congratulate friends and family, but also to decorate any corner of your home.

7. Christmas Postcard With Little Reindeer As The Leading

It is the favorite reindeer of the little ones. And yes, drawing a reindeer, for those of us who do not have artistic gifts, can be (almost) impossible.

But if something stands out about this card is the mask on the reindeer’s nose. The eyes and the antlers, better with the marker and a covid message.

8. Christmas Card With 3D Effect

Magic cannot be missed at Christmas. Create a Christmas tree where the trunk – is crowned by a star (like a wand) with a snowman and reindeer.

With a box, the sanitizer and paper roll ends creating a three-dimensional and very covid Christmas effect.

9. Christmas Postcard With A Mask

Because pink and country flowers are also valid to congratulate Christmas, create this postcard in a more romantic and naive style with a little needle and thread.

10. Christmas Card For The Forgotten

Do you remember that time when we couldn’t live without the Bingo and we marked everything so it wouldn’t get lost?

Well, the time has come to retrieve the old bookmark from the trunk of memories to make your Christmas card.

Find words that define how you feel on these dates (short and long) and paste a picture on it.

Sometimes you want to be unique but don’t overdo it. Create a Christmas card with classic or funny pictures and discreetly incorporate your ideas.

A custom Christmas card from a professional designer will still make your card stand out from the rest and hopefully make it to the top of your loved one’s deck of cards.

Top 10 texts to write on your 2020 Christmas card

We wish you a merry Christmas full of security and warmth. For the coming year, bubbling creativity, clear goals, good luck, and the best of health..png

It’s that time of the year again! Christmas has arrived, a time of good wishes and happiness. Spending time with family and friends, giving gifts, and also receiving them…But Christmas 2020 will be something special.

Not only because it was an unusual and exhausting year for everyone and relaxation with the family is particularly important. But also because many direct encounters in professional life did not take place or only happened virally. Therefore, the Christmas greetings from your company to colleagues, employees, customers, or business partners should be carefully considered and ideally related to the Corona year.

But it is not always easy to find the words that convey the message we want to convey to our loved ones. To help you with inspiration, we present you with 10 texts to congratulate Christmas originally and surprise everyone.

Christmas Saying 1:

We wish you a merry Christmas full of security and warmth. For the coming year, bubbling creativity, clear goals, good luck, and the best of health.

We wish you a merry Christmas full of security and warmth. For the coming year, bubbling creativity, clear goals, good luck, and the best of health..png

Christmas Saying 2:

We wish you a relaxed Christmas, a carefree time to look back on the past year, a clear outlook on the coming 365 days with all the challenges that come with it, and many more happy moments.

We wish you a merry Christmas full of security and warmth. For the coming year, bubbling creativity, clear goals, good luck, and the best of health. (1).png

Christmas Saying 3:

The pleasant light of the Christmas candles and the smell of cookies fill the room. Time for contemplative words, rest, and relaxation. With this in mind, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the good cooperation and wish you a merry and reflective Christmas and good luck in the coming year.

We wish you a merry Christmas full of security and warmth. For the coming year, bubbling creativity, clear goals, good luck, and the best of health. (3).png

Christmas Saying 4:

Christmas is getting closer – time for a leisurely pause, a little security, a lot of harmony and warmth. I wish you a Merry Christmas and lots of energy and success in the coming year.

We wish you a merry Christmas full of security and warmth. For the coming year, bubbling creativity, clear goals, good luck, and the best of health. (2).png

Christmas Saying 5:

For the upcoming Christmas days, I wish you a feeling of security and warmth, moments of calm for contemplation, and an exciting new year full of happiness, health, and success.

We wish you a merry Christmas full of security and warmth. For the coming year, bubbling creativity, clear goals, good luck, and the best of health. (5).png

Christmas Saying 6:

Viruses don’t know how contagious gratitude is. We would like to thank you very much for your loyalty this year and wish you contagious holiday joy and viral happiness!

We wish you a merry Christmas full of security and warmth. For the coming year, bubbling creativity, clear goals, good luck, and the best of health. (8).png

Christmas Saying 7:

Contemplation and security should sweeten your Christmas festivities and accompany you gently through the turn of the year. For the coming year, I wish you sparkling creativity, clear goals, lots of success, and of course the best of health.

We wish you a merry Christmas full of security and warmth. For the coming year, bubbling creativity, clear goals, good luck, and the best of health. (4).png

Christmas Saying 8:

We wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas and a Merry Christmas. Also, a Happy New Year with four beautiful seasons, 52 busy weeks, and all in all 365 happy and satisfying days.
We wish you a merry Christmas full of security and warmth. For the coming year, bubbling creativity, clear goals, good luck, and the best of health. (7).pngChristmas Saying 9:

We look to the coming year with great curiosity and review the past. We would like to say a big thank you for the excellent cooperation and above all for the trusting cooperation. We are already looking forward to working with you to make the new year a success. For the upcoming Christmas, we wish you and your relatives peaceful, relaxing days full of happy moments as well as health, joy, and success for the New Year.

We wish you a merry Christmas full of security and warmth. For the coming year, bubbling creativity, clear goals, good luck, and the best of health. (6).png

Christmas Saying 10:

An extremely exciting year is drawing to a close. Holidays full of joy, leisure, and happy family life, that is what we wish you from the bottom of our hearts and, of course, for the New Year personally as well as business success and above all health.

We wish you a merry Christmas full of security and warmth. For the coming year, bubbling creativity, clear goals, good luck, and the best of health. (9).png

I think you have now found a suitable text or inspiration for your Christmas. We finish the list with a phrase of good wishes for the coming New Year.

Top 10 Christmas Card Ideas for the 2020 Christmas


These holidays let your creativity fly, do an activity with your children or nephews, or even have fun on a rainy Sunday without leaving home by making your own Christmas cards with these ideas and your own.

Let your imagination fly and play with paper, bow, cord, paint, wool, and glitter or even with reused materials that you have around the house.

It is a perfect occasion to keep the little traditions and enjoy doing something manual leaving your friends and family with their mouths open. Merry Christmas to all! Do you dare to make your own creative Christmas cards?

Here are the top 10 Christmas Card ideas for 2020 Christmas

1. Edible Christmas Card

And why not, our Christmas greeting card can be something sweet, like this paper-based house decorated with real baubles. Everyone will like it.


Edible Christmas card in the shape of a cardboard house decorated with baubles and candies.

2. Christmas Card With Photos

A gift worth its salt goes in an envelope or a box, and with this witty way of congratulating Christmas you send a very cool family image and also some gift candies.

Easy and stylish.

The packaging is the key.


3. Christmas Greeting Cards With Words

Remember the Dymo machines for making labels? Well, see how you can use it this Christmas: a pine green roll, names, words, or whatever you want to write, cardboard, and some Christmas decoration such as a star for the tip.

It is super simple and also customizable for each recipient of the card.


4. Geometric, Minimalist, And Colorful Greeting

Colored cardboard and scissors or a cutter and you get a simple Christmas card that is different from what we are used to seeing.

Without a doubt, it is a great, original, and simple idea that if you choose good materials with texture and interesting colors it will give you a 100% result.


5. Christmas Card For The Tree

A card, as we have already seen, not only serves to write your best wishes.

And if you don’t look at this one: we cut a spiral from a cardboard circle and when it unfolds it serves as a DIY Christmas ornament.

A two in one! It is also one of our favorites because it can be made and decorated with the smallest of the house and achieve incredible results.


6. Christmas Cards Made By Hand With Dried Leaves

Another precious option is to opt for a more sober and natural greeting with a white background and a crown of leaves decorating the card.

A very simple, decorative, original Provencal touch with a lot of class. Sometimes, less is more.


7. Christmas Greeting With Little Trees

If you do not want to complicate the process much, we recommend that you get one of these magic machines that you can find with Christmas (or geometric) motifs and pierce all the papers you find, of the colors and textures you want, and compose a card to your style.

There are examples with colored circles like Christmas balls, snowflakes decorating a ‘Merry Christmas’, or green fir trees that go up the hill like this example so cute that we leave you.

Oh, and this machine can even make confetti!


8. Card With A Word Puzzle

We love this card for its entertaining part and it turns out to be very decorative and curious at the same time.

We can take it as a riddle: send the alphabet soup with some colors in an envelope and instructions for use so that they find the 10 hidden words.

A creative and entertaining Christmas!


9. Handmade Christmas Card With A Drawing

Although this is not so original in its form if you can give your touch to the invitation drawn by the hand of a lifetime with references such as this curious one of a deer with Christmas lights.

It is a matter of searching well for a powerful and new idea, which is not the portal of the nativity of all the years…


10. Modern, Rotating Christmas Card

Within the geometric and minimalist world, this example seems very interesting because, in addition to being fast and very attractive, it uses special elements such as the pin to make it rotate and discover the message or the decoration that we like so much with washi tape in black and gold.



At Christmas thousands of decorative ideas and details arise to give to friends and family, cards are a traditional part of it.

Try to use this compression to create a visual effect between planes, the 2020 Christmas cards to congratulate and send good wishes will be given a lot under the digital character.

Top 10 Popular Items to Decorate your 2020 Christmas 


At Christmas, there is a magical and different atmosphere. But something that continues to excite us a bit is the time to place the Christmas decorations when these special dates are approaching.

.And it is that a well-decorated house is part of the Christmas charm. Therefore, we have gathered the best Christmas decorations for your home: lights, ornaments, trees, and much more to dress your home for the occasion.

.Christmas Decoration

Christmas decorations are various types of ornaments that are used on these dates to give the house or room a more festive atmosphere.

.For this, different objects with typical colors are usually used, such as white, green, or red. You can also place lights, Christmas trees, or other ornaments with typical shapes, such as Santa Claus, stars of Bethlehem, or snowflakes, among others.

Choosing Criteria

We went to Amazon’s Christmas section and then sort the items based on the popularity. After that, we made a list of the items which have

  1. 1,000+ reviews
  2. 4+ stars rating

The Best Christmas Decorations Of 2020

First of all, how about you take a look at the following models? These decorations have been selected as the best of the year. Do not miss it!

1. Curtain Lights

 These curtain lights can be a great decoration for your home, patio, or garden. The 96 pieces of lights, can be joined by a plug. These lights are the typical Christmas house ornament, they have various ways of lighting, a variety of colors, and small Christmas details, all to achieve the best atmosphere.


2. Christmas Balls

.Of all the decorations that exist to dress the Christmas tree, the balls are essential. Whether they are transparent, red, pink, silver, striped, or with another type of pattern, the balls are a must.


3. Christmas Window Stickers

.Christmas window stickers are a good way to give our home a festive and wintery touch. It is a simple and comfortable way to decorate windows, glass doors, or mirrors. They are easy to clean and do not leave a trace. Snowflake Window Stickers are well designed and contoured.



4. Christmas Stars

.The stars at Christmas charge a special chalice. Light up the windows, hang them over the dining room table or dress a corner with them but this Christmas accessory is a must-have in this year’s deco.



5. Candles

Decorate the whole house with candles: on the table, in the hall, on a lantern but also in the fireplace (especially during Christmas). Wherever they are, dim candlelight creates a magical, homey atmosphere.


.One of the main trends is candles, which are preferably scented since in addition to giving the environment a warm and welcoming touch, they provide the space with a pleasant fragrance. To make them look more Christmassy, they can be incorporated into arrangements of pinecones, berry twigs, or with red ribbons, or another color of your liking such as silver and gold that are also on-trend.

6. Socks

Socks are a characteristic decorative element of Christmas, so today we present you with some varied and fun proposals.


As you can see, they adapt to a wide variety of decoration styles, since they can be played with a wide variety of details, textures, and colors, which make them perfect to brighten up almost all spaces, and they are undoubtedly a decorative element. inevitable in childhood. They are one of the funniest ways to receive gifts by the Christmas tree.

7. Christmas Wreath

If you like the minimalist and Nordic style, you will love this Christmas wreath that reflects a small mountain village with wooden figures. Receive your guests with a Christmas wreath at the door of your home. There are countless designs and colors! You can make a minimalist Christmas wreath, with lights, geometric, or the idea that comes to mind. .


.The crowns are characteristic details of these dates, which will look great on the window, the wall, the fireplace, or on top of a mirror. It is about trying to create different and original crowns.

8. A Christmas Tree

It is the adornment par excellence. The representation of Christmas. It does not have to be natural or artificial since there are other options such as a wooden Christmas tree, ceramic, made with postcards.


9. Poinsettia Or Easter Flower

If something should never be missing at home, it is planted. And during the Christmas season, the poinsettia or poinsettia becomes the queen. So now you know, decorate a corner with poinsettias. And so that it lasts beyond the Christmas holidays, here you will find all the tips for its care.


10. The Garlands

The garlands of lights are essential in the Christmas decoration. Whether they are in the tree (almost obligatory), on the stairs, or even as a curtain on the wall, the lights should not be missing. That is why you cannot miss our guide to know where to find the best lights for this Christmas.


Top 7 Free Christmas Cards Designing Websites

Christmas is coming and we want to give you some ideas to make your own Christmas greeting card and have a little fun with your mobile during your holidays. We have dived through a very big lists and bring to you the Top 7 Christmas Cards Designing Websites.

Take a look You will surprise your friends!

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Here is the list of Christmas Cards Designing Websites

1. Canva

Canva is one of the best tools for creating Christmas postcards. It offers you a wide selection of templates so that your design does not have to start from scratch, many of them free and others paid. Type in the search engine Christmas cards or just Christmas to find templates with Christmas motifs. Then take a look at the available designs, choose the one you like the most, and customize it by writing a personalized message, adding or removing components.

.The results are very eye-catching and attractive, and your friends and family are sure to love it.

2. FotoJet

FotoJet is another of the best websites to create Christmas cards. It is a free and online editor that is used in a very similar way to Canva, and it also has free and paid templates to design your cards.

3. Fotor

Fotor is another of the most popular and recognized platforms for editing images and creating postcards. It has a browser version, as well as applications for iOS and Android, and can be used for free.

.With this tool, you can edit your photos, create collages, or custom designs, and create a Christmas greeting card you just have to click on the Design option.

4. Crello

It is an application that allows you to create Christmas greetings by adding the faces of your family and friends to one of its fun Christmas backgrounds. Also, Users find a large number of Christmas cards with which they can be personalized in hundreds of possible ways and send them to their family and friends this Christmas.

5. Adobe Spark

With this excellent image editor, you can take a family or personal photo -or even several of them because collages also allow- and enrich it with a lot of thematic elements: frames, special effects, various designs of snowflakes, Christmas hats, beards of Santa Claus, multiple text fonts to embed custom messages, etc.

6. Pizap

Special for these dates, if you want to express sincere wishes for Christmas and New Year, in this app, you will find phrases allusive to the holidays, appointments, wishes, greetings, and funds to make personalized Christmas cards, which can be shared by mail, messages or social networks.


.Almost professionally, Pizap helps you create and edit Christmas greetings. The user has the option to choose from more than 90 Christmas greetings, add the photos they want, modify the text, and share it on your social networks, WhatsApp, message, or email..

7. JukeBox

A great collection of lovely Christmas photo frames and with the effects to suit your needs. The handling is very simple, choose a template from elegant models. Subsequently, the photo is selected from the gallery or camera and the text is added.

.You can set each resulting image as a contact icon or wallpaper and save it.

It also allows you to send the card as a message or post it on Facebook and Twitter to surprise your friends and receive their comments.

Top 15 Christmas Card Photoshoot Ideas for Families

20 Terrifyingly Awkward Holiday Portraits.jpg

Christmas is a magical time – filled with sparkling decorations, Christmas trees, and lights that add even more magic. This is an exceptional moment and is worth saving for years to come. Do you wonder how to do it? Through…the photos that smell like bread and fir! We invite you to read this article on where and how to prepare and carry out a Christmas family photo session!

How to prepare the family for the Christmas Card photoshoot?

First of all, you have to think about clothes and photo gadgets. If the session takes place in a professional photographic studio, you can ask the photographer if they sometimes do not have them. However, remember that to achieve a different image character, usually, only a small Christmas element is needed, such as a Santa hat or reindeer antlers in the form of a hairband.

List of Christmas Card photoshoot ideas for families

Here’s a list of Christmas Card Photoshoot Ideas for families. I am going to give you 15 ideas and their sources. You can choose the best one.

After shooting your photos, you can come back to us to edit them. We can

  • enhance the photos
  • swap the faces
  • swap the closed eyes
  • remove unwanted people
  • add people
  • change backgrounds
  • slim down and so many

You can see the list of services and contact us on our service page.

1. A family of 5 sitting in front of the fireplace on which the Christmas socks are hung. A Christmas tree in the background.


Source –

2. A Family Christmas Photoshoot – Why Is It Worth Organizing?

A Christmas photoshoot is a good idea for several reasons. First of all, every type of photo, and especially those taken at Christmas, is a great memory. Second, this is the answer to the question of what to give family members as a gift (grandparents would surely love Christmas photos of grandchildren!). Finally, participating in a session, in addition to being fun, is a way to spend your free time creatively. Do you need more arguments?

3. A couple with a child sitting on a blanket in front of the Christmas tree with lamps. Next to them – another child is standing in the back and hanged socks.


Source –

4. A boy in overalls sitting next to a Christmas tree and near gifts, holding the Christmas light.

Source –

5. Two toddlers are tied with the Christmas lights and a boy smiling in the back with a Christmas tree in the right and the text “DEAR SANTA HELP” written on the blackboard.

English Baby Boys Names _ English Male Names and Meanings.jpg

Source –

Speaking of the clothes for the shoot, the decision is up to you alone – the most important thing is that the dress is comfortable! You can only bet on the Christmas colors, that is red, navy blue or green, but you can also think about special festive clothes, such as a Christmas sweater. It all depends on creativity and … your budget!

Before each photo shoot, the most important thing is to provide yourself with a smile and lots of positive energy.

6. A family of four and a dog is sitting, with little garland and light in the back.


Source –

7. A family of three people playing in front of a fireplace decorated with hanged socks and Christmas tree in the left.


Source –

8. Mom and son smiling, sitting on the blanket. Christmas tree in the background and gifts in the left.


Source –

9. A mom sitting on a furry mat with her daughter with a cup in her hand, seeing each other. Christmas tree in the background.


Source –

10. A boy kissing a girl on her head, sitting on the floor. A lightening Christmas tree in the background.

Alayna and Gavin, Christmas In-Home Session.jpg

Source –

11. A family of four with a dog and Christmas cap on; making a tree. Christmas tree in the background.

20 Terrifyingly Awkward Holiday Portraits.jpg

Source –

12. Four kids sitting in Christmas pajamas, a white wall in the background with a garland.


Source –

13. A family of four sitting with two lanterns on the left and a Christmas tree on a wall made with lights.

30+ Best Poses Family Christmas Pictures Ideas - TRENDS U NEED TO KNOW.jpg

Source –

14. Family of four decorating a Christmas tree. Gifts under the tree.

How We Trim the Tree.jpg

Source –

15. Family of four in Christmas pajamas are making fun, sitting on the bed with a dog and Christmas lights all around them.

Christmas Pajamas - Barefoot Blonde by Amber Fillerup Clark.jpg

Source –

16. A toddler over his daddy’s head, holding by his mom- sitting on the floor. Gift with a miniature of deer and Christmas tree in the background.

Source –

As you can see, there are tons of inspirations for the Christmas family photoshoot! Everything depends only on you! Take advantage of the magical Christmas time and let yourself be carried away by your imagination! We also invite you to share your photos of the family Christmas sessions on social networks by tagging us on Instagram or Facebook.

If you like our Christmas Card photoshoot ideas, share this article with your partner.

We wish you many inspirations and incredible photos full of Christmas atmosphere.