Day 21: Photoshop: Shape Tool – Your Guide

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The Option Bar of Shape Tool

Below is the Option bar of Shape Tool. We’ve already learned few of them in Step 2 but let’s learn it a little bit more.

6 - Day 21: Photoshop: Shape Tool - Your Guide

  1. Shape/Path/Pixels: It’s best to go with shape always. Paths are for advanced users. Usually, what it does is that it creates a path as per the shape you draw. You can use this path to select something.
  2. Fill: This defines your background color
  3. Stroke: This defines the color of your border
  4. Stroke Width: Defines the width of your stroke
  5. Stroke Type: This defines the type of your border. It can be solid, dash, and dotted.

Width and Height: If you want the shape to be of a definite size, you can decide the width and height of the shape.

Now, that’s all folks.

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See you again next week.

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