Believe me guys it was really difficult to search a good looking face with a red-eye to spoil the image. So I had to purchase an image with good looking face and create a red-eye like effect. The stock image I am using was a perfect image taken by an amazing photographer and then I spoilt the image by creating a red eye. I hope that the photographer would not curse me. J

So let’s start the tutorial. This tutorial is going to be a short one with barely 2-3 steps. During the whole tutorial, I will be talking about a dedicated tool for red-eye in Photoshop.


060314_1304_HowtoRemove1 - How to Remove Red Eye in Photoshop


060314_1304_HowtoRemove2 - How to Remove Red Eye in Photoshop


For the time being, I am obviously not going to explain how I created the red-eye. I will only explain you how I removed it. In the below image, we can easily notice that the red-eye is not looking so good on her face. What I am going to do, I will remove the red-eye with the help of red-eye remover tool by defining the pupil size as well as darkness.

060314_1304_HowtoRemove3 - How to Remove Red Eye in Photoshop

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