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QuickTip: Birds Eye View in Photoshop | TrickyPhotoshop

Hello guys I am Vaibhav and today I am going to give a QuickTip about Birds Eye View in Photoshop. Last time I talked about Undoing More and More in Photoshop Without Using History Panel which is a recommended tutorial if you want to increase your efficiency.

Basically Photoshop Bird’s Eye view is built for images with huge dimension and you don’t want to zoom in and zoom out again and again so many time for retouching. With the help of Bird’s Eye View, you can do it in a fraction of seconds.

Stock Image:

The dimension of the image that I am using is 6914×5177 pixels. Suppose I want to retouch her eyelashes. For effective retouching, I need to zoom in a lot. As you can see in the below image, I have zoomed in by 100%.


Now suppose I want to retouch her lips. There are three ways to going there.

  1. The easiest method is by zooming out to to the original size and then make her lips as the focus point and then zoom in. Although this method is the easiest one, but this method takes a lot of time and hence, decreases your efficiency.
  2. The second method needs the involvement of Space Bar. Hold down Space Bar and the drag the image upwards.
  3. The third and most effective method is using the Bird’s Eye View.

When you have zoomed in a lot, let’s say 100%, and you want to navigate to other area’s of the image, with the help of H button and your mouse cursor, you can navigate easily. By holding down H, Photoshop will activate the Bird’s Eye View and you can easily navigate to other areas.

To activate Bird’s Eye View, hold down H and then hold down your mouse left button. Now move your mouse cursor to easily navigate to the area you want. Once you are done, release the mouse button and the H key.

Once the Bird’s Eye View is activated, your Photoshop screen will look like the one shown below. The small rectangle, which surrounds the cursor, shows the area which will zoom in as soon as you release the left mouse button or the H key.


Unfortunately, Photoshop needs some extra dedicated graphics memory for Bird’s Eye View. In other words, it needs GPU capabilities. So if you don’t have dedicated graphics memory, this feature may not work well for you.

And we are done here. Thank you for reading this article. Hopefully we’ll meet again.

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