Hey, guys! I posted a tutorial two weeks ago which involves a car and I showed how to create headlights. Since then I am getting a lot of requests to show how to create motion blur in Photoshop. So, I present you a tutorial on creating motion blur in Photoshop. The best part of my tutorials is that they all are short and simple. Whenever I see something which is complex to create in Photoshop, I use my mind to think how to create it in the simplest way. I know that this is what you also want to see.

Today’s tutorial won’t take much of your time and should complete in 10 minutes if you’re not a beginner. If you are, add 5-10 more minutes. I am going to use Clone Stamp Tool and a filter.

Let me show you the initial and final photo before I proceed. You can easily see that adding motion blue adds life to the photo.


092417_1152_CreateMotio1 - Create Motion Blur in Photoshop


092417_1152_CreateMotio2 - Create Motion Blur in Photoshop

Step 1: Select the Moving Subject

There will always be a moving subject against which motion blur needs to be added. In my case, it’s the running man.

I am grabbing Quick Selection Tool to select the subject.

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092417_1152_CreateMotio3 - Create Motion Blur in Photoshop

Then I am going to use Select and Mask to refine the selection. Make sure that the output is a “New Layer”. Press OK.

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092417_1152_CreateMotio4 - Create Motion Blur in Photoshop

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