Hey, guys! It’s been few months since I wrote about Instagram effects. Since then, Instagram has introduced tons of new filters. One of them is Clarendon. So, let me present you my new tutorial on how to create Instagram Clarendon effect in Photoshop.

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I must say that all these Instagram effects are easy to replicate in Photoshop. You just need to know which adjustment layer to use and when to use. For this tutorial, I am going to use three unique adjustment layers which are photo filter, levels, and brightness/contrast.

Without further ado, let me bring to you the tutorial. But before that, let me show you the before and after photo.


101817_0852_CreateInsta1 - Create Instagram Clarendon Effect in Photoshop


101817_0852_CreateInsta2 - Create Instagram Clarendon Effect in Photoshop

Step 1: Bring the Blue Effect with Photo Filter.

Go to Layer>New Adjustment Layer>Photo Filter.

Change the filter to Cooling Filter (82) and increase the Density to 10%. Please keep the Luminosity turned on.

101817_0852_CreateInsta3 - Create Instagram Clarendon Effect in Photoshop

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