Golden sunset is something we all love. Afterall, what does look better than a warm and golden sunset? If you have ever taken a photo of a landscape and missed to take it during the sunset then don’t you worry. You can anytime create a golden sunset in Photoshop. I am using my own snapped pic of Dimna lake, Jamshedpur, India which I took in the morning at 9:27 AM. But I am going to make it look like I took it in evening. Oops, I am sorry for this manipulation. hehe!

dscn5027_4366_thumb - How to Create Golden Sunset Effect in Photoshop

Step 1: Add Gradient Map

The first thing that we need to do is to add a Gradient Map. After opening your image in Photoshop press F7 for the layer panel and then click on add adjustment layer which you can find at the bottom of the layer window. After that click on Gradient Map.

17-1_thumb - How to Create Golden Sunset Effect in Photoshop


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