2: Web Template Creator

Nowadays, creating web template as side job is a new trend among the Photoshop enthusiasts.

Selling a web template earns them more then $100 and it requires less than 12 hours for a 3-4 page website. So if your web template is sold 100 times, you will earn 10,000 just by spending 12 hours.

But selling a web template 100 times is a huge thing. Most sells of a web template does not go beyond 10-15.

You can also take projects as freelancer and create web templates. The cost of the project varies from $500-$700 for a 10-12 page website.

My Judgement: Apart from creating web templates, if you also know web development coding like HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, it would be a bonus for you. You may earn more than $2000 for creating a website.

1: Create your Own Website and Write About Photoshop

This is the best thing that you can do with a Photoshop but creating a Photoshop tutorials website requires a lot effort as well as time.

You can create a website just like TrickyPhotoshop, the one where you are reading this article, and start writing tutorials.

I remember, back in 2012, I created TrickyPhotoshop out of no money. The initial phase of a a website or first 9 months is the most tedious one and requires constant effort. I was really spending more than 50 hours per week (apart from my college classes and projects) on TrickyPhotoshop. You need to take care of marketing, providing contents, building social community, search engine optimization, conversion optimization and so on.

The worst part is that during the initial phase, you will earn approximately nothing. You are constantly spending more than $100 a month for your website and you will barely get $20-$30 a month. But you need to put constant effort in order to succeed and compete among your competitors.

But the best part is that when your website starts to gain visitors trust, the energy spend on your website drastically reduces approximately to zero. I barely spend 3-4 hours a week on TrickyPhotoshop but I am earning a good amount from the ads. You can sign up for Google Adsense to put ads on your website and you will be paid as soon as someone clicks on the ads.

My Judgement: Do it only if you can.

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