5: Contests

Every year there are many number of online Photoshop contest happens with a good prize. You can participate in those contests and show the people your skills and win a good reward.

My Judgement: But due very heavy competition, the chances of winning is extremely low and you can only win if your skill is something different from the others.

4: Freelancing

There are many people who are earning a good amount as freelancer.

In fact, you can set your charge as $35 per hour and start freelancing.

The freelancing work includes photo manipulation, photo retouching, designing and so on.

There are various websites where you can register for freelancing. Out of them, the one that we like the most is Odesk.com. Apart from Odesk, you an go for freelancer.com, maicrolancer.com, elancer.com and so on.

My Judgement: Generally freelancing is something different and tough if you are a new one. You need to pay special attention to the requirement of your clients and must work according to them in order to succeed.

3: Graphic Design

Why not earn some money from the graphic designs.

You can sell your design to various services and can earn some income from there. Some of the websites are shutterstock.com, graphicsriver.com, istockphoto.com, graphicstocs.com etc.

You need to sign up with these websites and pass the quality test. After passing the quality test, you will be eligible to sell your designs.

The design includes banners, flyers, adverts, posters, icons, logos and so on.

My Judgement: Make sure that you designs are unique. I also suggest that you should design the graphics according to the season. For example, if it is a Christmas season, design the graphics with Christmas theme.

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