8: Video Lectures

There are some guys who are earning a lot by providing video lectures on Photoshop.

All you need to do is to download a screen recording software, purchase a nice microphone, and start recording the Photoshop tutorials with guided voice.

You can upload those videos on YouTube and earn some bucks from their advertisement program.

Else, you can also create a series of video lectures for various e-Learning websites like lynda.com, udemy.com and so on.

My Judgement: While creating video lectures, make sure that you record your screen with resolution more than 720p and always use a goo microphone. I also suggest that you should write a script before creating any video tutorial.

7: Photo Retouching Services

This is something that I also do. If you want to retouch some of your images, you can hire me from here.

You can offer photo retouching services and charge them some money. The cost per image is totally up to you.

There are various organizations which provide photo retouching services and you can patch up with them.

My Judgement: Make sure that you are aware of various photography effects like  sunset effect, sepia effect because your clients will generally like that effects. I also suggest that you should know some basic fixes like fixing blemishes, fixing stray hair, creating smooth skin, sharpening of eyes, correction of skin tone and so on.

6: Sell Photoshop Resources

You can create your own Photoshop resource and sell them.

These resources include Photoshop brushes, actions, patterns, gradients etc.

You can create your own store with the help of Etsy or eBay and sell all the resources.

Approximate price of a pack with 30 brushes is $15. So with every hundred purchase, you will earn $1500.

My Judgement: But creating Photoshop resources can be bit tedious. You must know what your customer wants and design the resource accordingly. Also make sure that the resource that you are creating should be unique.

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