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Best 11 Best Ways to Make Money Using Photoshop

Making money online is something that we all want. After all, it is always a nice and decent way to earn some extra income. I am a college student, and I always thought of earning extra income so that I don’t put an extra burden on my parents’ shoulders. So I tried to find out the skills I have and manipulating images using Photoshop is one of them. Then I thought why not give it a short, and I am earning multiples of $1000s per month. I had been thinking to write an article on this , and this is why I bring to you Best 11 Ways to Make Money Using Photoshop.

In this article, I am going to discuss 11 ways to earn money by using your Photoshop skills.


The best way to utilize your Photoshop skills is There you will find a lot of projects on which you can work on.

The money is not so nice and it is just $5 per project. However, you can increase the money by providing extra services like you can charge $30 for completing the project in just one day or $30 for providing the PSD file and so on.

My Judgement: The best thing Fiverr is that they have a vast number of clients. Hence, if you really have the required skills, no one can stop you from receiving projects.


10: Create Art Store

If you are a digital artist or you love digital designs, you can create your own art store where you can sell your paintings or designs.

The price of those arts can vary from as low as $10 to as high as $3,000 or even more than that.

The downside is that you may have a very low number of buyers. Also, the time and effort required to open an art store are too much.

My Judgement: I suggest you do to it only if you have an adequate number of arts or you love digital painting too much.

9: Stock Photography

Apart from loving Photoshop, if you love photography too, this profession can be a bonus for you.

If you love photography, I am sure you love traveling too. While traveling, you can shoot images and retouch it using Photoshop or any photo editing software you like.

Now the last part is to sell those retouched images. There are many websites available that will help you to sell your photographs. You just need to sign up with them and pass the quality test.

Some of those websites are,,,, and so on.

My Judgement: You really need to have a great photography angle as well as retouching skills. It is also said by many photographers that the demand for portrait photography is much more than landscape photography. So pay more focus on portrait photography.


8: Video Lectures

There are some guys who are earning a lot by providing video lectures on Photoshop.

All you need to do is to download a screen recording software, purchase a nice microphone, and start recording the Photoshop tutorials with a guiding voice.

You can upload those videos on YouTube and earn some bucks from their advertisement program.

Else, you can also create a series of video lectures for various e-Learning websites like, and so on.

My Judgement: While creating video lectures, make sure that you record your screen with resolution more than 720p and always use a good microphone. I also suggest that you should write a script before creating any video tutorial.

7: Photo Retouching Services

This is something that I also do. If you want to retouch some of your images, you can hire me from here.

You can offer photo retouching services and charge them some money. The cost per image is totally up to you.

There are various organizations which provide photo retouching services and you can patch up with them.

My Judgement: Make sure that you are aware of various photo effects like sunset effect, sepia effect because your clients will generally like that effects. I also suggest that you should know some basic fixes like fixing blemishes, fixing stray hair, creating smooth skin, sharpening of eyes, correction of skin tone and so on.

6: Sell Photoshop Resources

You can create your own Photoshop resource and sell them.

These resources include Photoshop brushes, actions, patterns, gradients etc.

You can create your own store with the help of Etsy or eBay and sell all the resources.

Approximate price of a pack with 30 brushes is $15. So with every hundred purchase, you will earn $1500.

My Judgement: But creating Photoshop resources can be bit tedious. You must know what your customer wants and design the resource accordingly. Also, make sure that the resource that you are creating should be unique.

5: Contests

Every year there are so many online Photoshop contest happens with a good prize. You can participate in those contests and show the people your skills and win a good reward.

My Judgement: But due to very heavy competition, the chances of winning is extremely low and you can only win if your skill is something different from the others.

4: Freelancing

There are many people who are earning a good amount as a freelancer.

In fact, you can set your charge like $35 per hour and start freelancing.

The freelancing work includes photo manipulation, photo retouching, designing and so on.

There are various websites where you can register for freelancing. Out of them, the one that we like the most is Apart from Odesk, you can go for,, and so on.

My Judgement: Generally freelancing is something different and tough if you are a new one. You need to pay special attention to the requirement of your clients and must work according to them in order to succeed.

3: Graphic Design

Why not earn some money from graphic designs.

You can sell your design to various services and can earn some income from there. Some of the websites are,,, etc.

You need to sign up with these websites and pass the quality test. After passing the quality test, you will be eligible to sell your designs.

The design includes banners, flyers, adverts, posters, icons, logos and so on.

My Judgement: Make sure that your designs are unique. I also suggest that you should design the graphics according to the season. For example, if it is a Christmas season, design the graphics with Christmas theme.

2: Web Template Creator

Nowadays, creating web template as a side job is a new trend among Photoshop enthusiasts.

Selling a web template earns them more than $100 and it requires less than 12 hours for a 3-4 page website. So if your web template is sold 100 times, you will earn 10,000 just by spending 12 hours.

But selling a web template 100 times is a huge thing. Most sells of a web template do not go beyond 10-15.

You can also take projects as a freelancer and create web templates. The cost of the project varies from $500-$700 for a 10-12 page website.

My Judgement: Apart from creating web templates, if you also know web development coding like HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, it would be a bonus for you. You may earn more than $2000 for creating a website.

1: Create your Own Website and Write About Photoshop

This is the best thing that you can do with a Photoshop but creating a Photoshop tutorials website requires a lot of effort as well as time.

You can create a website just like TrickyPhotoshop, the one where you are reading this article, and start writing tutorials.

I remember, back in 2012, I created TrickyPhotoshop out of no money. The initial phase of a website or first 9 months is the most tedious one and requires constant effort. I was really spending more than 50 hours per week (apart from my college classes and projects) on TrickyPhotoshop. You need to take care of marketing, providing contents, building a social community, search engine optimization, conversion optimization and so on.

The worst part is that during the initial phase, you will earn approximately nothing. You are constantly spending more than $100 a month for your website and you will barely get $20-$30 a month. But you need to put a constant effort in order to succeed and compete among your competitors.

But the best part is that when your website starts to gain visitors trust, the energy spent on your website drastically reduces approximately to zero. I barely spend 3-4 hours a week on TrickyPhotoshop but I am earning a good amount from the ads. You can sign up for Google Adsense to put ads on your website and you will be paid as soon as someone clicks on the ads.

My Judgement: Do it only if you can.

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