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come-join-us-2 - What are the Guides in Photoshop

Believe it or not, guiding lines are the probably the most important tools if you are a graphic designer. For photographers, it’s also useful if you create composite images. Creating a website layout in Photoshop, composite images, or memes, they all require proper alignment. If you rely on your brain to align different parts of an image, you may end up with slight misalignment. This is why Adobe included Guide Lines in Photoshop.

Last time I discussed about the difference between Layer Mask and Eraser Tool in Photoshop.

Here’s what we are going to do. We are going to write a text that is properly aligned with the girl and dog in the below image. The sky color vertical and horizontal lines that you are seeing the image are nothing but the guiding lines.

1_thumb - What are the Guides in Photoshop

How Do We Add Guiding Lines in Photoshop?

There are two methods to add a guiding line.

  • First Method (Time Consuming but accurate): Go to View>New Guide and choose whether you want to add a vertical guide line or a horizontal. After that write the position. For example, if you write the value as 300 pixels and chose “vertical”, a new guide would be created that is at a distance of 300 pixels from the viewer’s left side of the image.
  • Second Method (Time Saving but inaccurate): For this method, you need to turn on Rulers first. The quickest method is to press Ctrl+R/Cmd+R. Once turned on, you will notice that a scale appears on the left and top side of the image. All you need to do is to drag the ruler to create a guide. To create a vertical guide, drag the vertical ruler to right , and to create a horizontal guide, drag the horizontal.

2_thumb - What are the Guides in Photoshop

come-join-us-2 - What are the Guides in Photoshop

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