Hello guys I am Vaibhav and today I am going to show you how to create swirl text effect using Photoshop. Last time I discussed about Adding Catch Lights in Photoshop which is really an important tutorial for studio and travel photographers. I am going to use layer styles, layers, adjustment layers etc


final_thumb12 - Add Swirl Text using Photoshop | TrickyPhotoshop



Create a new document by pressing Ctrl+N/Cmd+N. Set your width vs. height as 1600 x 1200 pixels. Also set your resolution as 72 pixels per inch. Grab Text tool from the tool panel or you can press Shift+T again and again until it comes. You can use whatever font you want. I am going to use Haettenschweiler.

1_thumb10 - Add Swirl Text using Photoshop | TrickyPhotoshop

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