Step 2: Use Clone Stamp Tool to Remove the Subject

Hide the newly created layer and activate the “Background” layer.

Grab Clone Stamp tool from the tool panel or press Shift + S again and again until it comes. We need to remove the subject. So, I am going to use the trees as my source and I am going to brush the man.

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092417_1152_CreateMotio5 - Create Motion Blur in Photoshop

Your photo should look like this.

092417_1152_CreateMotio6 - Create Motion Blur in Photoshop

Step 3: Apply Motion Blur in Photoshop

Go to Filter>Blur>Motion Blur.

The angle depends on the motion on the subject. It is horizontal in my case so I am putting the angle as 0. I am keeping the distance as 110 pixels because it suits me the best. You can change as per your preference. Press OK.

092417_1152_CreateMotio7 - Create Motion Blur in Photoshop

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