There was  a time when apps that do color splash effect, top the chart on Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store. This effect was a huge hit. It became a trend for selfies. Since many of you are asking me to write a tutorial on color splash effect in Photoshop, why should not I write one?

This tutorial, Create Color Splash Effect in Photoshop, is for beginner, medium, and advanced users.

Last time I wrote a tutorial on Creating a Cinematic Effect in Photoshop. You should check that tutorial out.


Final_thumb - Create Color Splash Effect in Photoshop

So let’s begin the tutorial.

Step 1

The first thing you need to to is to open your image.

1_thumb - Create Color Splash Effect in Photoshop

Now I am going to keep the color of her dress while turn every other thing black and white. For this I first need to select her dress. You can use any selection tool to select her dress but I prefer to use Quick Selection Tool since it is easy and handy to use.

Grab it from the tool panel or activate it by pressing Shift+W again and again until it comes.

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