5.9 How to Tweak Layer’s Opacity?

This is something that you’ll more often than you think. To change a layer’s opacity, you need to access the layer panel. You must be seeing an Opacity at the top right of layer panel. Tweak that slider, and it adjusts the opacity of active layer. If the opacity is 100%, it means the layer is opaque, and if the opacity is 0%, it means that the layer is transparent. Opacity from 1% to 99% means that the layer is translucent.

In Figure 5.8, you must be noticing that the opacity of “Rock On” layer is 43%. Accordingly the “Rock On” on the image has become translucent. You can see the faded background behind it.

8 - Day 5: What is Layer Panel in Photoshop, Part One?

Figure 5.8 Tweak Layer’s Opacity

5.10 How to Group Layers into Folders?

To keep things organized, you can group one or more layers into folders. All you need to do is to select the layers that you want to be grouped using the skill we learnt in section 5.5, and click on the “Create a New Group” button on the layer panel. Refer figure 5.9 for more detail. Alternatively you can also press Ctrl+G/Cmd+G to group the selected layers.

9 - Day 5: What is Layer Panel in Photoshop, Part One?

Figure 5.9 Group Layers

This is enough for today. For a beginner, you have learnt more about layers than you need to. I request you to search more about layer panel on the internet especially YouTube. I am again telling you that today’s chapter was not an easy one. You need to practice it in Photoshop also. Just open a random image and start practicing all the things that I taught today. Tomorrow we’ll learn a new things called Blend Modes in Photoshop which is a continuation to this chapter.

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