Step 3: Align the Text

Photoshop CC has a very cool feature that is Snap To. What it does is that it gives you a hint whenever your text is aligned to some boundaries or layers. In the example shown below, you’re seeing two lines. The vertical line shows that my text is at center. The horizontal line also shows that my text is at center.

4 - Day 20: Photoshop: Text Tool - Your Guide

Option Bar of Text Tool in Photoshop

Below is the option bar of Text Tool.

5 - Day 20: Photoshop: Text Tool - Your Guide

Let’s start understanding one by one.

Note: We’re not going to touch 3D as it is for extremely advanced users and out of the scope of this article. I have written a separate tutorial for 3D. You can check that out.

  1. Font: This is where you select the font. The font, Lato, that I am using is a paid font that I downloaded from TypeKit (Adobe repository for fonts). You can find all the fonts in your desktop here. If you have installed a new font and want it to show up here, you need to restart Photoshop
  2. Font Type: This it the type of font. Your bold, regular, heavy come here.
  3. Font Size: Here you can define the font size.
  4. Optimize Text: You can optimize the text for LCD, print, web here.
  5. Alignment: You can align the text to the left, center, or right aligned. There are more options to the alignment that comes when you can click on the 8th icon.
  6. Font Color: You define the font color here
  7. Wrap Text: You can give funky effects to your font here.
  8. Character and Draft Panel: Here you’ll find more options for text tool like space between characters, cases, more alignment options.

This is all about Text Tool.


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