Option Bar of Clone Stamp Tool

Before we proceed, let me show you the option bar of the Clone Stamp Tool.

7 - Day 18: Remove Objects with Clone Stamp Tool in Photoshop

I have given a name to important of them. You can leave the rest.

A: Mode – This is probably the most common option you get when you use any tool that is related to Brush Tool. This is nothing but the Blend Mode. I have written a vast tutorial on Blend Mode in Photoshop.

B: Opacity – Opacity is used define the opacity of the brush. If it’s 100%, the copied pixels are opaque. If it’s 0%, the copied pixels are transparent, and if it’s anywhere between 0% to 100%, the copied pixels will be translucent.

C: Pressure – This is something you can use when you use pressure sensitive pads like Wacom tablets. If turned on, the harder you press, the harder your target gets brushed.

D: Flow – For now, you can think that flow works exactly same as opacity (but it doesn’t). The proper use of Flow comes in the advanced version.

E: Aligned – This is what I keep turned on most of the time. What this keeps is that it keeps the Source brush and Target brush aligned. In case you are having difficulty understand this feature, simply turn it off and try to use Healing brush tool.

F: Sample – This lets you decide which layer to choose while taking your source as a reference. If you work non-destructively like me, it’s better to go with “All Layers”.

That’s all. I hope that you like it.

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