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I found time for these 5 things after I gave my photo editing task to someone else

It was the 22nd of July. Fifty new dresses were launching on the 25th of July. I had already told my customers that I am going to launch those dresses no later than 25th and I didn’t even shoot the photos.

I don’t hate shooting photos but I hate editing them. I always thought that I could do more pleasing things if somehow I can throw this boring, mundane, and non-enticing task off of my life.

I spent only 2 minutes per photo which means that I spent more than 400 minutes on 200 photos. I post 4 photos per dress. But, those 400 minutes were like 40,000 minutes to me.

Somehow, I shot and edited the photos before 25th July. I never thought that I would feel this kind of pressure in my entire life. I always thought that I am good at handling pressure but I realized that I am not.

I got fed up so much of this task that I badly want to hand it over to someone else in my team. But, that came out costly because my employee started charging for the overtime and her hourly rate was $22.

Also, the work was not good. The photos she edited were not looking consistent and also the editing style did not match the photos that are present on my site. I can clearly see that the photos she edited look different than the other photos I edited.

BUT the worst thing was that I cannot rely on her because if she’s on leave then I’ll be screwed.

I started thinking this mundane task to someone else. I went to Fiverr, but Fiverr is cheap only if you have 5-10 photos. It becomes expensive if you have 20+ photos. Also, you don’t find anyone reliable there. I wanted to have someone whom I can contact 24×7 and that person has some dedicated time for me. So, I searched more on Google and found TrickyPhotoshop.

I gave my photo editing job to them these are the things that I can do now.

I can now spend more time alone doing nothing

I am an introvert. I enjoy sitting alone more than sitting with two people. Now that I don’t need to edit photos, I can spend 400 minutes every week sitting alone and doing nothing.

Don’t judge me.

I can now learn to play piano

I have always been a huge fan of piano. I like how it sounds. It has always been my second most favorite instrument.

The first one is violent but I have tennis elbow. I cannot move my hands fast especially the elbow.

I love my daughter and I can show it now even more

I used to edit photos every Thursday. I upload them on my site on Fridays and then scheduled to go live every Sunday.

Because I handed over the editing task to TrickyPhotoshop, I can go home 3-4 hours earlier every Thursday.

My daughter comes home from school at 4 PM every day. I reach home at 3:30 PM every Thursday, cook a delicious dish for her, and then we eat it together. Yes, I do this every Thursday.

I can think about the future (even more)

Every Thursday, I think about my company’s future. I do this when I am cooking food for my daughter.

On Thursday morning, I write down things that are haunting me or bugging me. I then think about fixing them. I use Voice Memos on my iPhone to record what can I do about these things.

I can watch documentaries and read

I enjoy watching documentaries more than watching Netflix. I prefer watching what are black holes, white dwarfs, nebulas, etc. rather than seeing what did Penny tell Sheldon on that 12th episode of the Big Bang Theory.

I also love reading Startup stories on These stories fire me up.

All of these are possible only and only because I delegated the task that I hate doing to someone else.

I am Anna and I run an e-commerce site with an annual turnover of $400K. I sell trending dresses to the ladies.

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