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Photography is an amazing hobby to pick. There is nothing like capturing a gorgeous sunset just at the right time from the right angle. If shooting photographs is the true passion you can consider taking the leap of faith to turn it into a full-time profession. There are plenty of things to be aware of before taking the plunge. If you want to make a mark on your craft, you can earn big money in photography as much as establishing your niche by marketing yourself. It is about putting your mark among one of those people who have an eye for artistic photography and the skills in capturing an image.

1-1 - How to Turn Your Outdoor Photography Passion into A Profession

While our photographing can be a brilliant way to make some extra cash. There are a whole lot more to it if you plan to set up a studio thus making a business and get into photography as your line of expertise without the tension of a full time in the background. While the idea of taking this leap of faith could be big but there are few challenges in this field. Many have tried and failed as there’s no exact formula.

But by following a few simple guidelines you can succeed in making your hobby to something you love, turn your photos into cash and make yourself a Professional!

  2-1 - How to Turn Your Outdoor Photography Passion into A Profession

Finding a Niche

3-1 - How to Turn Your Outdoor Photography Passion into A Profession

When you are aiming to become a professional you are obviously tempted to take all the photography jobs that may come on your way. Instead of indulging yourself in a chunk of jobs, focus on a strategy that will put you ahead in the long-term goal – which is to be a professional and of course your value in the market.

You may be a landscape photographer, a wedding photographer, portrait specialist or a new photographer but you need to know about your strengths – the area you specialize in. There are many genres, and sub-genres but picking one genre gives a lead to define yourself as a brand.

It doesn’t matter how much you love to take photos of your pet or your car or taking photos for real-estate or sports. Do all you can to research the genre in which you are interested. Then, you’ll want to build up your portfolio.


Upgrade your Gear

4-1 - How to Turn Your Outdoor Photography Passion into A Profession

In recent times smartphone camera technology has gotten impressive but that is not good enough for your work to get into the photograph business. It does not mean you have to empty your pocket to get the best camera. There are a fantastic photography equipment’s in the market which you can now find over the internet on amazon or eBay.

Know your gadgets and determine what you really need to grow in your photography to be considered as a professional. A tip from Photographers is to invest in lens quality and not to worry about the lighting technology.

Build Photography Portfolio

5-1 - How to Turn Your Outdoor Photography Passion into A Profession

Building a strong portfolio based on your niche is an advantage for attracting the right type of clientele. In the era of internet, social media platforms are reigning in every edge of the world. Creating dedicated Instagram, Twitter and Facebook account for your work is convenient and most of all it is free.

Careful displaying of your best work gives an extra edge. Focus on your work with the same critical eye that client would look at. Don’t just upload the raw photos, do require image editing to give your work a professional look. Always remember, your work is your brand and your work will be judged based on your portfolio. This is important because your portfolio shows off the quality of your work. Your audiences are unlikely to pay attention for a shoot unless you wow them with your photography skills on your portfolio.

Making Networks

6-1 - How to Turn Your Outdoor Photography Passion into A Profession

Making valuable network with purpose is crucial, as it helps to approach brands that you want to work with even if they are far superior to you. This helps you to identify your opportunities in your photographic remit wherever they may be.

If you are meeting new people, always keep an ear out for where you might of use to some. To keep in mind ruling yourself out of poorly paid jobs in areas you are not interested in is as empowering as accepting work in areas that are.

There is always something to learn from. It is an addition to your experience which helps you envision what you want to be doing for your next prospects utilizing these networks.   

Showcase your work

7 - How to Turn Your Outdoor Photography Passion into A Profession

Now you can sign up and advertise your work to people as a photographer. You will need to start pounding the pavement and look for work as it won’t just come to you without a little bit of effort and quite a bit of luck.

While it can be fine to wait for the work to come in when you have photography as a hobby, it is important to ensure you have a regular work and inquiries for your photographic profession.

Whether you approach your local institutes, clubs, schools, art galleries, event companies, bridal shows or anything happening in and around your local area. It is important you put your hand up for as many works as you can and set up a range different options for the lead generation so that you have a wide range of options available to get work.


8 - How to Turn Your Outdoor Photography Passion into A Profession

Some people have jobs some people have careers, and if you have photography as a hobby and you want to exploit your career opportunities in photography then it is a good excuse to get paid for your hobby. In this digital world, everything on the internet is quite visual and content-based, and so photography is captivating to all.

While the dream of taking your photography hobby to be a fulltime job is a wonderful idea. Make sure you have everything set up and your gears ready before you resign from your current and engage your photography business full on. However, if you have the dedication and determination to push through the hard times, you will be able to create a business out of what you love to do, photography. In the end, happy photographing.


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