Where is Text Tool Located in Photoshop?

You can grab Text Tool by pressing Shift+T again and again until it comes or by grabbing it from the Tool Panel.

1 - Day 20: Photoshop: Text Tool - Your Guide

How to Use Text Tool in Photoshop?

Now let’s learn how to use the Text Tool

Step 1: Grab the Tool

Using a text tool is very much simple. You just grab the tool and start writing it.

As soon as the tool gets activated, your cursor will change.

2 - Day 20: Photoshop: Text Tool - Your Guide

Step 2: Write the Text

Wherever you click, your text will start from there. I know that you want to write a text at a certain place. Usually what I do is that I write text anywhere in the Photoshop document and then move it.

The shortcut to move is here: Make sure that text layer is activated. Hold down Cmd/Ctrl and start dragging the text.

3 - Day 20: Photoshop: Text Tool - Your Guide

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