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How to Use Clone Stamp Tool in Photoshop

Now. let’s learn how to use Clone Stamp Tool in Photoshop.

Step 1: Define the Source

As said earlier, Clone Stamp is used to copy pixels from one part of the image and paste them on another part. To use Clone Stamp Tool, you first need to define the source pixels. This will be pixels are going to be copied. You can do them by holding down Opt/Alt key.

Once you hold it down, the cursor will change to a sniper cursor.

2 - Day 18: Remove Objects with Clone Stamp Tool in Photoshop

I need to remove the chairs and umbrella. What I’ll do is to copy the nearby pixels of beach sand, water, and sky, and paste them on the area where chairs and umbrella are present.

So, for now, I am choosing my source as the sand.

Step 2: Paint the Target

Now that I have selected my source, I am going to paint those pixels onto my target. When you do that, you’ll see a cursor that moves synchronously with your cursor. This cursor denotes the pixels that are being copied.

3 - Day 18: Remove Objects with Clone Stamp Tool in Photoshop

Simply, do this for all over the image.

For best result, you may need to define your source multiple times.

Step 3: Refine the Result

If you do it multiple times, your result should look like below.

4 - Day 18: Remove Objects with Clone Stamp Tool in Photoshop

But you have noticed a very big flaw in the image. As I have basically copied and pasted pixels from one place to another, I have created a design that repeats itself and this looks fake.

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