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Hey guys I am Vaibhav and today I am going to talk about Creating Awesome Sunset Effect in Lightroom. Last time I talked about Retouching a Portrait using Lightroom for Beginners which is really a recommended tutorial if you are a beginner. For today tutorial I am going to use Lightroom 4.3 which is a bit old version because Lightroom 5 just came out. I am going to use Graduated Filter, Some Local Adjustment, Brush etc.







First thing that I am going to do is to adjust some local adjustments because the image looks so dull. The changes that I am going to make is

  • Temp: +10
  • Tint: +12
  • Contrast: +57
  • Highlight: -26
  • Shadow: +40
  • Whites: -74
  • Blacks: +76
  • Clarity: +36
  • Vibrance: +17


And these little tweaks added a little bit life to the image.


I dragged the temp slider to the right because I want to add a little bit warm effect to the image. I increased the tint by 12 because I want a little bit purple shade. I added the contrast because the image was too flat. I decreased the highlight to make the sky less exposed. I increased the shadow to increase the exposure of the buildings. I decreased the white all the way to -74 to reduce the “whites” in the clouds. I increased the blacks because the buildings were so underexposed. I increased the clarity to make the image a little bit clear and vibrance to increase the vibrance.

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