Step 3: Select Burn Tool

The result would be more visible after using the Burn Tool. Grab the burn tool from the tool panel or press Shift+O again and again until it comes.

Let’s apply it on the face where the shadow is present i.e. the cheeks.

6 - Day 19: Dodge and Burn Tool in Photoshop

Aren’t you seeing the difference? I know that it has not made the image any better and did exactly opposite of good but the point was to show you the result.

Got the point? Yes? Great!

Option Bar of Dodge and Burn Tool in Photoshop

Option Bar of both Dodge tool and Burn tool is exactly same.

7 - Day 19: Dodge and Burn Tool in Photoshop

Let’s understand what it is:

A: Range
This is probably the best that this tool can get. This feature restricts Photoshop to affect only the selected pixels. For example, if “Midtones” is selected as Range, Photoshop will only use Dodge or Burn Tool when you’re applying it on Midtones. It will not affect highlights and shadows.

B: Exposure
This sets the strength of the tool. If sets to 100%, the tools will be much more effecting against the one when it’s set to 30%. So Dodge tool will highlight much more when exposure is 100% as compared to the situation when it’s set to 30%.

C: Protect Tones
When turned on, Photoshop will not wipe out the details of pixels. For example, dodge tool will not make any pixels completely white so that restoration is pixels will not be possible and burn tool will not make any pixels completely black. It’s best to have this feature always turned on.

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