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come-join-us-2 - Day 2: Interface of Photoshop ● 30 Days to Learn Photoshop

Welcome to Day 2 of “30 Days to Learn Photoshop”. Today we’ll talk about the interface of Photoshop.

2.1 Overview

Yesterday we talked about Photoshop and Adobe. That was a pretty much easy tutorial, wasn’t it? Today we’ll go a bit deeper into photoshop. We’ll discuss the interface of photoshop, and believe me, if you understand the interface, your half job is done.

Photoshop shows insane amount of options or tools on its opening screen. This is what freaks most people out. But the reality is that the tools and options are highly organized, and they’ll become your companion as soon as you understand them.

Below is a typical layout of Photoshop.

Fig-2.1-Basic-Interface-of-Photoahop - Day 2: Interface of Photoshop ● 30 Days to Learn Photoshop

Fig 2.1 Basic Interface of Photoshop

It looks a little bit scary, isn’t it? There are so many things to use and you are afraid that you have miles to go. Let me tell you something. There isn’t a lot to learn. There are some panels that you are never going to use in your whole lifetime. If you are a photographer, you probably will never use the tools that are given for designers, and if you a designer, you probably never use tools that are given for photographers. Now you must be feeling happy, aren’t you? Yes, you are!!!

Typically you can segregate Photoshop’s interface in to five different units. Each unit has its own significant. Actually workspace is not a unit but I thought I should also include it.

Now let me explain you each unit one by one. I am going to start with Menu bar because it is the first thing that you use when you open photoshop.

come-join-us-2 - Day 2: Interface of Photoshop ● 30 Days to Learn Photoshop

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