Hello guys, I am Vaibhav. Today is 2nd, August and time to post best Photoshop tutorials during the month of July, 2014. I am going to post 13 best tutorials which was uploaded last month and it’s worth to go through all of them.

1: Photoshop CC 2014: What’s New for Web Designers?

1ScreenShot20140707at17.31.02_thumb - 13 Best Photoshop Tutorials of July, 2014[button colour=”accent” type=”slightlyrounded” size=”large” link=”http://design.tutsplus.com/tutorials/photoshop-cc-2014-whats-new-for-web-designers–cms-21634″ target=”_blank”]Visit Tutorial[/button]

2: Create an Animated Interface GIF in Adobe Photoshop

2animationoniphonefinal_thumb - 13 Best Photoshop Tutorials of July, 2014

[button colour=”accent” type=”slightlyrounded” size=”large” link=”http://design.tutsplus.com/tutorials/create-an-animated-interface-gif-in-adobe-photoshop–cms-21053″ target=”_blank”]Visit Tutorial[/button]

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